Will the price of iPhone 12 4G go down further and grab Huawei’s high-end market?

2019 is the first year of China’s 5g business. So far, almost all domestic mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have launched their own 5g mobile phones to seize 5g users, even Samsung, an international giant, is no exception. However, so far, as a giant in the mobile phone industry, Apple has not launched 5g mobile phones. But this year, there’s a lot of news that the iPhone 12 series will support 5g networks. In addition to the 5g version, it is reported that there are 4G versions of the iPhone 12. Recently, some organizations predict that the price of the 4G version of the iPhone 12 may be more “user-friendly” to seize more market share. < p > < p > according to the agency, Apple has been making pricing more user-friendly since 2019, and has frequently reduced prices and promotions in order to expand its market share and fill Huawei’s gap in high-end overseas markets. As a result, the agency predicts that the iPhone 12 series may continue this strategy, with 4G prices falling further and 5g entry-level models likely to be flat or slightly higher than last year. < / P > < p > in addition, according to the agency, Apple released a new operating system IOS 14 on WWDC 2020. This update is the most changed operating system update after IOS 7 in 2013, adding multiple functions, strengthening the ecology of iPhone, improving the user’s operation convenience, and updating the operating system is also conducive to stimulating the demand of iPhone stock users to change phones. The agency predicts that the iPhone 12 could become the strongest iPhone cycle in nearly six years. Privacy Policy