Will the white front panel of mobile phone fire again? Meizu: it depends on me

Recently, the topic of “white front panel of mobile phone” has been on fire for no other reason. With the continuous development of full screen technology and the increasing homogenization of special-shaped screen, mobile phones with white front panel are becoming more and more rare, while Meizu is one of the few manufacturers who insist on using white front panel to design mobile phones. < p > < p > in the first half of the year, Meizu officially released the new Meizu 17 series, which ushered in a major upgrade in hardware. At the same time, Meizu also did not give up its unique aesthetic preference. In industrial design, the 17 series challenged the symmetrical full screen again, and introduced a new appearance with more recognition. < / P > < p > in addition, many fans have noticed that Meizu 17 series adopts relatively rare white front panel design in moon white azure, Ag fantasy unicorn, dingbai and other versions, which makes Meizu 17 series become the rare snapdragon 865 straight screen flagship with white front panel design on the market this year. < / P > < p > in addition, many fans have noticed that Meizu 17 series uses relatively rare white front panel design in moon azure, Ag fantasy unicorn, dingbai and other versions, which makes Meizu 17 series become rare in the market this year < / P > < p > five years ago, white color was still the mainstream color of mobile phone front panel, far less rare than today. However, with the development of full screen, manufacturers prefer to use black or other colors as the mainstream color of the front panel of mobile phones to match the emerging screen forms such as Liu Hai screen, water drop screen and hole digging screen. However, Meizu did not go with the tide and completely abandon the pursuit of white front panel like other manufacturers. Instead, it adopted a new design scheme, which integrated the unique symmetrical design to avoid the defect of visual separation. At the same time, it did not occupy too much screen space and brought unique comprehensive screen products. < / P > < p > as early as 2018, Meizu released Meizu 15. This is the last mobile phone in the history of the Meizu to use the front physical buttons. At the same time, the Ru kiln white version with special technology has become a rare “alien” among the full screen mobile phones. After seven times of baking, seven times of baking and five times of polishing, the color of Ruyao white is as warm as that of porcelain glaze. With a 1.175mm extremely narrow white frame, people can’t help but sigh at the ultimate beauty of industrial art. < p > < p > then, Meizu launched a series of models with white front panel design. Among them, Meizu’s 16th, 16th plus, 16x, 16S and 16xs all have white panel models, which highlight the temperament and charm, but also become the most personalized and recognizable mobile phone. Especially for the 16th Meizu, the white fuselage gives people a stronger sense of impact. With its round edges and high proportion of screens, it echoes with each other and is harmonious and unified. It seems to be the most emotional Meizu product in the minds of countless fans. < p > < p > in 2020, Meizu 17 series will once again push the white panel mobile phone to the peak. However, looking at it, it has become the only white direct screen flagship in the market. It can be seen that Meizu is still the Meizu. It adheres to the original intention, adheres to the ideal, adheres to the extraordinary design, and pays 100% enthusiasm for 1% of the market. < / P > < p > after getting used to the mobile phones with black panel, you will find that Meizu 17 series with white front panel design is more amazing and unique. For a long time, there are not a few fans who expect white front panel mobile phones, but there are fewer and fewer models available on the market. Especially in 2020, until Meizu 17 series is released, some users will get what they want. So, why do other manufacturers no longer adhere to this design, only Meizu insist on it? If the front panel of the mobile phone is not black and the front panel is black, the color of the front panel of the mobile phone will not be perfect. If the front panel of the mobile phone is black and the color of the front panel is black, it will not be ideal The lack of a sense of oneness on the face makes it very incongruous. < / P > < p > secondly, the process of white panel is not easy to do. The white fuselage needs a lot of color difference adjustment work, which can not tolerate a little impurity. Once the spraying has problems, it will produce a cheap plastic feeling, leaving defects, and the low yield will increase the cost. Moreover, if the process is not in place, it will have a serious impact on the hand feeling, which is the main reason why most manufacturers are not willing to continue to use the white front panel. However, when everyone began to avoid white panel design, Meizu’s insistence paid off. Meizu 17 series has proved that, after using the perforated screen, thanks to the ultra-small aperture of the front camera, there is no visual conflict. Instead, white has become a bonus for the appearance. In addition, the customized screen has almost realized the equal width of four sides, which brings a unique aesthetic feeling in the moment when the screen is on. Recently, nut also released the white front panel curved screen mobile phone, returning to the pure white panel family again. However, this does not mean that the white front panel will continue to develop and grow. From the current industry development, the smaller the industrial design, the more difficult it is to become the mainstream. Therefore, for a long time in the future, the mobile phone with white panel will still be Meizu And nuts. However, you can rest assured that Meizu is still the Meizu, which carries the faith of fans and reposes their expectations. Meizu, which always adheres to the distinctive design, will still be committed to touching Meiyou with affection and winning users by products. Although the road ahead is still unknown, the spirit of independence is still worth every fan’s expectation. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?