Will TV really disappear from life? Laser TV will tell you the answer

All of a sudden, a lot of people will feel caught off guard. If you want to trace back to the beautiful memory of “watching TV”, it may be the animated cartoon that will be broadcast on time after dinner on the color TV at home when I was a child, it may be the hot broadcast of the central set during the summer vacation, or it may be the warm scene of the whole family sitting around watching the sketch of the Spring Festival Gala after the first large screen LCD TV at home. Now, the busy pace of life, fast-food reading, the popularity of short videos, and more entertainment divide up the functions of TV, just like a familiar old friend is forgotten. Many people even arbitrarily say that TV will eventually be eliminated by the development of society and become a useless screen. But in my opinion, TV will still occupy a large part in our life in the future. In fact, TV and home are inseparable. When you move to a new home and buy home appliances, the first thing you should consider is the TV set. Even if you are in a foreign country and “floating” in major cities, TV is also a factor that greatly affects the family atmosphere. I believe that many people have such experience, only the kitchen smoke and television news broadcast sound, can give you this is a home feeling. < / P > < p > in order to bring users a better viewing experience, in fact, TV R & D manufacturers are also making continuous efforts. Today, TV will enter the fourth generation, that is, laser TV era. Different from the traditional LCD TV, the laser TV has essential changes in the imaging technology. With laser light source and professional anti light gain screen, the laser TV can image through the principle of light diffuse reflection, which has the characteristics of healthy eye protection, true color, energy saving and power saving, and strong sense of presence. Some people think that laser technology is a new derivative product and has not been fully developed. However, it is worth mentioning that Hisense TV, as a leading enterprise in the domestic television industry, has developed laser technology for more than ten years, and has made outstanding achievements in the quality of sound and picture, configuration and function of products, which is completely trustworthy. In the first half of 2020, the performance of the TV market in the first half of 2020 is not optimistic, but laser TV has become the only product category with positive growth in the market. The choice of the market can show the advantages of laser TV to a large extent. It can be seen that as a new product, laser TV enters the TV market. The acceptance and recognition in the early stage will take some time, but the future development is still very clear. Science Discovery