Will US ban wechat? Tencent’s response is bright

On the evening of August 6, U.S. President trump signed an executive order against wechat, saying that 45 days after the signing of the executive order, any person or property is prohibited from conducting any wechat related transaction with Tencent within the jurisdiction of the United States. &In response to this incident, Tencent holdings issued a simple statement on the HKEx: & quot; we note that the president of the United States of America issued an executive order on August 6, 2020 to prohibit certain transactions related to our wechat application that are subject to us jurisdiction. The company is reviewing the potential consequences of the executive order to better understand its impact on the group. The company will issue further announcement in due course. &Except for this statement, Tencent has no reply from the government, and it seems that there is no action. However, this response shows that a mature company is the most sensible way to deal with the unknown crisis. < / P > < p > first of all, it is difficult to define the scope of influence of the so-called ban of the trump administration. A number of senior Chinese and American lawyers said that the administrative order issued by trump is vague in expression and unclear in scope. At present, Chinese enterprises need to consider not only legal issues, but also political factors. There is a view that wechat will be completely banned in the United States like tiktok in the United States, and American users will not be able to use it. However, other businesses of Tencent in the United States will not be affected. At the same time, wechat will not be removed from the app stores of apple and Google, so only a part of users in the United States will be affected. < / P > < p > another view is that wechat, like Huawei, will be banned from any business activities with American companies in the United States. In addition, apple and Google’s app stores will probably be taken off the shelves, because it involves cooperation between the two companies. < / P > < p > some experts said that wechat can take different countermeasures for different results. For example, if trump completely banned wechat, he could refer to the articles in the United States such as & quot; infringement & quot; and & quot; the inviolability of private property & quot; in the United States to seek legal means to overturn the administrative order of the government. However, at the same time, we need to be soberly aware that a large number of applications in China are built on the IT infrastructure dominated by the United States. If the situation is not clear, it may lead to uncontrollable development and affect the business accumulation of national enterprises such as wechat for many years. In addition, we should pay special attention to the fact that it is less than 90 days before the U.S. general election, and various opinion polls show that the support rate of candidate Biden is higher than that of current president trump. In order to attract votes, trump will certainly make a big fuss on various issues, especially on China, and has achieved his own goals. In such a situation, if public opinion forces Tencent and other Chinese technology companies to act rashly under uncertain circumstances, they will be caught in Trump’s trap;. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer