Will you choose Microsoft’s “it” or Apple’s iPad for your next computer?

Apple said in its iPad Pro ad, “your next computer, why a computer.”. In addition to those Apple fans, other computer users should be inseparable from the windows system, especially the copydog, which relies heavily on the three piece office suite. Microsoft doesn’t play fan economy. It has always relied on the huge amount of windows ecosystem to make users sticky.

compared with apple, Microsoft has been exploring tablet productivity for a long time. Jiguojun has been curious about Microsoft’s two in one products for a long time. In order to get together with Microsoft’s “family bucket”, the latest entry-level tablet surface GO2 and the latest screen pluggable computer surface Book3. Whether it is fragrant or not, let’s have a look at the super detailed experience of jiguojun.

in the eight years since the launch of this series, surface has launched different derivative series according to different crowd positioning. Among them, the cheapest one of the two devices jiguojun bought is surface GO2. As can be seen from the advertisements full of children’s interests, it aims at the learning and extracurricular activities of primary and secondary school students. When jiguojun was in primary school, he occasionally touched the 486 desktop computers with greasy keyboards in the computer room. He felt that it was a luxury, and the times had really changed.

let’s not talk about nostalgia. Let’s see what this guy is really like: the packaging style of surface GO2 is simple and clean, which is similar to the iPad series. Interestingly, even the “no keyboard” point is also copied from the iPad, none of these big guys are not cheap. I hope that in the future there will be new products from other companies that will deliver all the accessories and slap them in the face. Thousands of yuan of machines have been bought. Do we still need the keyboard money.

unpacking! Take out the machine, coupled with their own purchase of the keyboard, in order to make the whole family barrel close to perfection, I also chose the color of Bobbi red. By the way, this small mouse, which is bound to be unfriendly to big users, is called surface mobile mouse. It can only be connected by Bluetooth without USB receiver. If the desktop users without Bluetooth have bought it, they will stop eating.

there is a saying that the beauty of this pen is high enough. It looks like a delicate neutral pen. It can be seen that Microsoft wants to get rid of the image of “pencil” in design. After all, it is called surface pen and apple pencil is called Apple pencil.

one side of the whole cylinder pen body is made into a plane, which is easy to hold and can also be attached to the edge of the plate by magnetic suction. It is suitable for surface go and high-end surface books. This is commendable. The stingy apple only designed magnetic suction in the iPad Pro Series, so iPad air users can seek their own fortune.

the pen head of the pen has its own damping design, so you can no longer be afraid of slipping when writing fast on the uncoated screen. This generation of surface pen is equipped with 4096 pressure feeling. The ink is very natural. It is more like a pen than a neutral pen with uniform thickness. Jiguojun thinks this experience is more like the hard pen calligraphy used when learning to write as a child.

speaking of calligraphy, it seems that only artists and designers in advertisements can create magnificent works on the surface. Ordinary hand disabled users are still only suitable for making drafts and taking notes. When writing text, the top of the stylus can be used as an eraser like a pencil.

this kind of experience is really moving. What’s more intelligent is that the virtual rubber area will increase with the speed of erasing. In other words, the faster you wipe it, the more you love it.

if you see here, children, do you want to ask why you don’t give the surface go a performance test or run a score. However, it is really unnecessary, Microsoft provides it with a Pentium 4425y processor, memory is only poor 4G. Barely running, the office three piece set has nearly exhausted its limit. If you want to upgrade to 8g, you have to add a lot of money. As long as the money is in place, you can even match the LTE module.

after startup, Xiaona voice assistant and whether to join the windows experience program will test patience all the time. The experience was very good. I didn’t think about it when I entered the desktop. The key range is a little longer than the iPad Keyboard, and the resilience is very straightforward. It seems that I don’t hate code words in an instant? The touchpad is also very smooth to touch. By the way, the mouse is really hard to use. It’s hard to work with magic mouse, which comes with IMAC.

this keyboard also has the function of a protective cover. After closing the cover, the whole machine suddenly becomes advanced… In fact, it is only because the back cover of the keyboard is made of “otilan”. Although it won’t be stained with fingerprints, it has maintained a temporary appearance, but it must have been a lot of sweat after a long time of use, especially in this summer, the picture is too beautiful to think about…

the frame and back cover of the fuselage are very integrated, they are all made of frosted metal with delicate feel, which is more “gentle” than the aluminum alloy outer box of MAC, and it is not so ice hands. Open the bracket and the slab can stand up. It can be opened and closed to close to 170 degrees. Although it can not be completely flat, it is enough to show the screen to the person opposite you.

at the beginning, Jiguo Jun thought it was very useful. When it was taken outdoors, especially in the subway, it was found that the flat panel could not be placed in the legs area. Even if it was taken out in Starbucks, the depth of the table was not enough. At this time, I still feel that the traditional notebook shape is fragrant.

the surface GO2 is indeed a weak chicken, so it is barely enough for primary school students to use for online classes. It is not enough to open more pages and decorate games. As for users who want to get a full notebook experience, Microsoft has also launched a series of surface laptops, which are more like “experiments” and have now been upgraded to the third generation. If you don’t believe it, the advertisement of surface Book3 is obviously much more advanced than before. At first glance, it is used for scientific research workers, and the productivity will definitely be full.

again, as long as the money is in place, you can have this real 2-in-1 laptop with detachable screen. Just from the packaging boxes of the two, you can see that the surface Book3 is a big one. After all, there is more space for high-end CPU, and the performance is not worse than that.

I opened the screen and looked at the familiar angular fuselage and silver white aluminum alloy shell. I thought I was unpacking a MacBook Pro until I found the Windows shortcut key on the keyboard.

but what keeps the surface Book3 beautiful is that the material and feel of the keycap are very close to the fuselage shell, and are integrated with the rest of the entire C-plane. Although the area of the touchpad is not comparable to that of the Mac, it has a first-class feel and is not as crude as the low-end windows notebook.

hinge design is adopted for the part connecting the screen and the body. Compared with the rotating shaft, although the integrity of the whole machine has been improved, after the cover is closed, the fuselage at one end near the hinge is thicker, resulting in a wedge-shaped shape in the whole notebook. I thought it was a good portable book, but I didn’t expect that when I put it into the backpack, it brought trouble.

back eight years, in June 2012, Microsoft launched its first surface product, surface RT, in San Francisco. Compared with the general notebook computer, it uses a notebook + tablet two in one form. At that time, the iPad was not equipped with a smart keyboard. Even if it was equipped with a third-party keyboard, there was no suitable stylus. Therefore, “productivity before purchase, iqiyi after purchase” is not exaggerated. Of course, being able to use the complete windows platform is a blessing for office workers.

the biggest feature of the surface book is that the screen can be removed and used as a tablet. This is the opposite idea of “installing a keyboard on a tablet makes a notebook”. This design also means that users of the surface Book3 are in the traditional notebook form in most scenarios, and can be removed gracefully when they need to show content to each other or write by hand.

but jiguojun must remind you that this screen does not support hot swap because there is a GTX 1650 max-q graphics card in the fuselage. The data transmission between the display card and the screen depends on these three interfaces on the fuselage, which looks a bit like the PCIe slot on the motherboard. Before you need to separate the screen, you need to press the shortcut key in the upper right corner of the keyboard first, just like removing the mobile hard disk, and then you can pull it out. Otherwise, if you burn the video card or other things, Microsoft may not guarantee it.

the screen of the surface Book3 is very strange. Due to the relationship between the motherboard, CPU and battery, the screen is as thick as the fuselage, and there is a full circle around the screen border for heat dissipation. Even so, the screen is still hot when it is used lightly. Therefore, it is not recommended to take it down as a flat panel, unless it is winter…

the left side of the fuselage is equipped with two USB3.0 interfaces and a full-size SD card slot, which is very necessary for photographers. On the right is the type-C and magnetic charging interface. You should know that MagSafe, the Apple fans’ favorite, has long disappeared from the apple notebook product line for a long time. In addition, the type-C interface also supports charging, which means you don’t have to bring the original charger when you go out. It’s really human.

after searching for a long time, jiguojun didn’t find out where the 3.5mm headphone jack was. He thought Microsoft had cancelled it, but he didn’t expect that the earphone hole was hidden on the edge of the screen. No wonder it’s designed in this way, otherwise you can’t access the headset in the tablet state. However, in laptop mode, it’s really clumsy to plug the headphone cable high on the edge of the screen.

the surface Book3 is good-looking, whether it is good to use or not needs to be further discussed. Let’s talk about its performance. The CPU uses the 10 generation Intel i7-1065g7. However, the score in cinebench is only 920, and the ranking is terrible. It is supposed that the low power consumption setting greatly limits the performance release of this chip.

the performance in 3D mark is not bad, and the score of 6399 points is also equal to the reduced version of GTX 1650. But friends of this price products are on the 2060 graphics card. In addition, it is worth noting that this laptop is equipped with up to 32g of memory, but jiguojun thinks that it is a little bit too hard to match such a CPU.

take a look at the performance of the game. In “apex hero” which is the favorite of jiguojun, the number of frames always hovers around 30 frames with 1080p resolution and medium and low special effects.

after reducing the resolution to 1280 x 720, it’s 60 frames at last, and we can play happily. After playing this game, jiguojun doesn’t plan to test other games, because I’ve been so angry that I’ve unloaded the steam and other game platforms.

after a painful 30 minute game, the left hand on the keyboard didn’t feel hot. Is this a game video? After thinking about it, the CPU of this guy is in the screen part, so the heat of the body is very small. Touching the screen, it was really hot. It is found that the screen reaches 45 degrees, while the maximum temperature of the keyboard is only 40 degrees.

as for the top cover of the machine, because it is covered with metal, it is hotter than the glass screen panel, reaching 48.5 degrees. When playing games, the power consumption of the whole machine is high, the CPU and graphics card can not run at full power, the high temperature is high. But in flat mode, it’s almost the same temperature

Author: zmhuaxia