Will ZTE’s first off screen camera phone avoid the embarrassment of “getting up early and catching up late”?

Zhongxin Jingwei client, August 19 (Xinhua) following the launch of 5g mobile phones and the dual folding screen mobile phones, ZTE is ready to take a “quick step” in the field of under screen camera. On August 17, Ni Fei, general manager of ZTE’s terminal business unit, revealed on social media that ZTE’s axon 205g, the world’s first off screen camera phone, will be officially released on September 1. < / P > < p > at present, ZTE’s domestic market share, together with a number of other niche brands, accounts for 5%. However, in the 5g era, ZTE has always been “eager to try” and has maintained a leading position in some innovative technologies, but it has also been faced with the situation of not being popular. With the launch of the first off screen camera phone, can ZTE avoid the embarrassment of “getting up early and catching up late”? < p > < p > Ni Fei mentioned in his microblog that Liu Haiping, lifting head and water drop screen are the compromises that consumers have to accept, and the off screen video that consumers expect is coming soon. Subsequently, ZTE mobile phone official confirmed the news. < / P > < p > previously, ZTE a2121, a new 5g model of ZTE a2121, was approved for network access. The data show that the machine is equipped with a 6.92 inch OLED real full screen, with no bangs, no water drops, no holes, and no lifting structure. < p > < p > the Liu Hai screen, elevator head and water drop screen mentioned by Ni Fei are all solutions for camera in the era of mobile phone full screen. In fact, from Liu Hai screen to water drop screen, to today’s hole digging screen design, the overall screen scheme is constantly evolving. At present, the best solution recognized by the industry is the off screen camera. < / P > < p > the so-called off screen camera is to bury a camera under the screen. Only when taking pictures, the light only projects to the area of the screen camera, and then enters the sensor to take photos. When the camera is not taken, the screen will display the normal color, and there is no need to dig holes on the screen. Therefore, the off screen camera is regarded as the best in the future by manufacturers Full screen solution. < p > < p > in 2019, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and other manufacturers have successively demonstrated their off screen camera technology. < / P > < p > take oppo’s under screen camera as an example. Oppo claims that high light transmittance materials are used in the camera area. Secondly, the camera module is customized with high light transmittance. Finally, the “fog” above the camera is eliminated by algorithm to realize self shooting. According to foreign media reports recently, Huawei technicians confirmed in the exchange that they are committed to the coexistence of full screen fingerprint unlocking and off screen camera technology. < / P > < p > industry insiders believe that with the debut of the first off screen camera mobile phone, offline camera technology will usher in formal mass production in 2020, driving smart phones into the era of “true full screen”. < p > < p > SUN Yanbiao, President of the first mobile phone industry research institute, predicted that the off screen camera should be an important symbol to distinguish flagship and non flagship computers in 2020. “ZTE’s off screen camera phone was released in September. If it can make a great breakthrough and market reaction, other brands will take the off screen camera as an important feature or selling point of the flagship.” Sun Yanbiao said: “at first, the off screen camera scheme was proposed to achieve a more beautiful overall screen. Before that, the solution of lifting camera was also introduced, but then the problems such as heavy weight of deceleration motor module and too much space occupied were brought about. The off screen camera technology is actually an upgrade of the lift camera solution. However, no matter before the water drop screen or Liu Hai screen, the difference in experience for users will not be too big, just that this screen is not so perfect. So it’s up to us to see what changes the off screen camera can bring to the experience. ” < / P > < p > at present, several panel manufacturers have indicated that the off screen camera technology has made a major breakthrough. In June this year, domestic panel manufacturer vicino announced that it will launch the global off screen camera solution, and through a third-party platform, it will also become a solution for rapid mass production. < p > < p > vicino said that it cooperated with Xiaomi in the development of the world’s first innovative products, such as the world’s first double folding mobile phone and off screen camera full screen mobile phone. Lianchuang electronics also said that the development of the off screen camera technology is progressing smoothly, and the off screen fingerprint module developed for domestic well-known mobile phone brands has completed the sample trial production. < / P > < p > ZTE released the world’s first off screen camera phone, which attracted market attention. In fact, although the market sales performance is poor, ZTE has been “eager to try” in the 5g era, and has maintained a leading position in some innovative technologies. In August 2019, ZTE axon 10 Pro 5g version was officially launched, which is the first 5g mobile phone on sale in China. In addition, ZTE has launched the first pressure sensitive screen, naked eye 3D technology display mobile phone, and the first folding dual screen smart phone. However, these products have encountered the embarrassment of “getting up early and catching up late” and are not popular. < / P > < p > at present, ZTE axon 10 Pro 5g version has disappeared from the official flagship store of ZTE in Jingdong. In the official flagship store of tmall ZTE, the monthly sales volume of ZTE axon 10 Pro 5g is only 3. < / P > < p > according to the Q2 China smartphone market analysis report released by counterpoint, ZTE mobile phones and a number of other niche brands are classified as “others”, accounting for 5% of the market share. Sun Yanbiao said that ZTE’s rise relied too much on operators, and even in the peak period of mobile phone business, it still did not form a consumer brand. However, in the 5g era, operators’ subsidies for 5g mobile phones are not large. ZTE needs to return to the consumer market through high-end flagship products. “In order to obtain sales, we must conquer consumers and hit the pain points of consumers. It can be said that Ni Fei’s return is a sign of ZTE’s further marketization. ” On June 16, ZTE’s official wechat announced that the company would appoint Ni Fei as the general manager of ZTE’s terminal business unit, fully responsible for ZTE’s terminal business. He is also president of Nubia. ZTE said: “facing the future, Ni Fei will lead the team to fully grasp the medium and long-term opportunities brought by the trend of 5g and the Internet of everything, cope with the changes and challenges of the domestic and foreign terminal market, integrate terminal resources, and make full use of the open market.” Speaking about this issue, Fu Liang, an independent Telecom analyst, told the client that ZTE’s current problem lies in blurring the boundary between “products” and “mobile phones”. < p > < p > Fu Liang said: “for mobile phone manufacturers, the ability to produce a mobile phone with advanced technology is not complete the task. It is also necessary to consider who the target market is, how large-scale it is to be made, and what marketing methods to choose. This is a series of things. In conclusion, if the mobile phones made by the head mobile phone manufacturers are products, the mobile phones made by ZTE are mobile phones, and the difference is right These comprehensive factors are not fully considered. If this mode is under the centralized procurement mode of operators, there may be opportunities, but in the face of fierce competition in the consumer market, it is more difficult. ” Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia