Windows Phone 81 store closes: Windows 10 mobile lasts for one month

On December 16, local time, Microsoft officially closed the Windows Phone 8.1 app store, and “OS, the world’s third mobile phone”, was pushed one step closer to its own grave.

from now on, Windows Phone 8.1 mobile phone users will not be able to download and install apps through the official store, and those already installed will not be affected. However, Microsoft warned that the user experience may decline because there will be no further update, maintenance and technical support, and users will be responsible for any problems.

of course, users can also install their own apps through sideload, as long as you are willing and willing to make trouble.

it is also worth mentioning that the latest Windows 10 mobile system was originally planned to complete its support after the last update on December 10. However, Microsoft has decided to extend its life for a month and continue to support it until January 14, 2020, when it will get another update and then give up. Of course, this update is unlikely to have any surprise.

the windows 10 mobile app store will continue to be available for the time being. Microsoft has not yet decided when to close it. It will be a time for windows phones to make a complete obeisance to the world.

Author: zmhuaxia