Windows Phone to windows 10x to talk about the history of Microsoft mobile system

Recently, the news about win10x has often been on the screen. This is a mobile operating system launched by Microsoft for the next generation of dual screen tablet computers. In fact, Microsoft has not been working in the mobile field for a year or two, and this win10x is not a new product. Earlier Windows 8, windows RT, and windows 10 all worked perfectly in tablet devices. But in fact, Microsoft’s involvement in the mobile world is much earlier than you think, the farthest back to 1996. Today, let’s take a look at the mobile operating systems that used to belong to Microsoft!

Windows CE is the first mobile operating system made by Microsoft. Many people don’t know the name. In fact, it is a system specially used in various embedded devices, including PDA. Windows CE is simplified from Windows 95. It is similar to Win95 in operation interface. Because of this, some applications can be transplanted to Windows CE with simple modifications. This has also laid a good foundation for the initial ecological creation of Windows CE. However, it should be noted that although Windows CE has some advantages, in that “wild age” when mobile phones were not popular, few people who could afford PDA, coupled with the poor use experience of resistance screen, should be noted. Although Windows CE was already excellent at this time, it suffered from being born in an age of no skills.

} PDA in those years was absolutely synonymous with high, large and superior. WM in PPC also used CE kernel

. With the popularity of smart phones, Microsoft began to turn its attention to a broader market. Windows Mobile is a mobile operating system built by Microsoft for smart phones based on Windows CE. Although it is based on WinCE, windows mobile optimizes the small screen and keyboard input mode of smart phones (the early smart phones were almost all keyboard + touch). In a short time, it formed a tripartite confrontation with Saipan, palm and other systems. At that time, it was seven years before the first version of the iPhone was released.

with the popularization of smart phones, windows mobile is also constantly upgrading and iterating, of which windows mobile 6.0 is undoubtedly the most unforgettable. It uses the most advanced Windows Vista interface system at that time, and greatly optimizes the capacitive screen (at this time, there are many capacitive screen smart phone products on the market), which greatly improves the operability of the whole system. However, windows mobile is constantly copying the old problems of the desktop version, with high hardware requirements, poor stability, and frequent crashes. In addition, with the rise of a number of new and cutting-edge operating systems such as Android and IOS, the share of Windows Mobile began to decline year by year.

seeing that the failure of Windows Mobile is a foregone conclusion, Microsoft has decided to develop a new operating system to replace WM, which is the Windows Phone launched in 2010. Just as each version of mobile system will correspond to the desktop windows at this stage, the target of Windows Phone is Windows 8, which was still in its infancy at that time.

just as Windows 8 brings us endless surprises and accidents, windows phone also presents a completely different UI system from the WM era. One of the most representative is the Metro interface which has been criticized for many years. To be sure, Metro is more suitable for touch than the previous WM menu. In addition to the larger amount of information, it also more matches the operation of the fingers. At the same time, Microsoft has also added a lot of small functions to Windows Phone, such as swipe sliding input method, which can be gently slid with a finger, and so on.

However, a huge problem was that at that time, the market had changed from scattered application development to strict and unified ecological construction, and IOS and Android had made great efforts to strengthen this area. At this time, Microsoft obviously has not turned its head. Coupled with the high copyright fees, only a few high-end computers in the market use windows phones. Too little market share in turn suppresses the development passion of software manufacturers. People are more and more reluctant to adapt the version of Windows Phone, so that there are fewer and fewer applications that can be used on WP, and few surviving models are maintained. The most important thing is that although the name is Windows Phone, the kernel before wp7.5 is wince, and after wp8 it becomes WinNT. The differences in the kernel make it impossible for the old users to upgrade to the new version, and their hard won favor is quickly dispelled. Combined with the pressure from competitors IOS and Android, several reasons overlapped and eventually became the last straw to crush Windows Phone.

with Apple’s iPad selling so fast, Microsoft has launched its official tablet computer, surface. At the same time, in order to celebrate the launch of the new product, we specially took out a set of windows RT dedicated to arm as the Royal operating system of surface. However, windows RT does not have the perfect ecological environment of IOS. Although it is expensive, it is facing a situation of no soft availability. In addition to Microsoft office, many professional software, including Photoshop and AutoCAD, can’t run on Windows RT, which makes Microsoft, a productivity tool, lose face. All windows applications can only be downloaded from windows PC. In other words, consumers who spend a lot of money on a tablet can do less work than a laptop that costs only half as much, so you can guess what the end of windows RT will be.

in the face of one after another fiasco, Microsoft is not discouraged, but with the arrival of win10 system, it has launched a new mobile phone operating system, windows 10 mobile. Unlike win10 in tablet mode, win10 mobile is also optimized for smart phones, but unlike Windows Phone, win10 mobile allows the uwp on the desktop to be installed on win10 mobile across platforms. Of course, we can also see the situation of uwp. After 4-5 years of hard work, we haven’t made any achievements. It’s bad news that uwp is ignored. Fortunately, the PC terminal is different from the mobile terminal. The mainstream systems are only Microsoft and apple. In addition, the number of win10 applications in Shanghai is used to extend the life of win10. To put it bluntly, as long as win10 is not bad, it is probably not necessary to worry about death.

relatively speaking, the mobile market is completely different. Android and IOS have already formed their own systems, especially the cooperation between IOS and MacOS can be said to be perfect. With the Microsoft store that has not been updated for ten thousand years, it is obvious that win10 Mobile has failed again.

win10x is not an operating system specially developed for mobile phones. In fact, it is more like a crossover between tablet and notebook. Win10x’s application object is a folding tablet with dual screens, which can be used as a tablet or as a laptop temporarily. However, like previous generations, win10x is still not focused on Ecology (win10x can run both Win32 and uwp applications). This not only let us pinch a sweat for him. From the leaked simulator, although win10x has solved some problems of the current version of win10, it is far from perfect, at least there is not much passion to promote people to upgrade. In fact, ecological construction is originally two parts. On the one hand, it allows users’ work to connect seamlessly; on the other hand, there are massive resources to choose from all the time. Whether win10 or win10x will be released soon, more efforts are needed in this respect. Of course, the current win10x is only in the conceptual stage, and even the beta version is not mentioned. It is unfair to conclude the verdict prematurely. But after several fiasco, has Microsoft learned enough lessons? I think it’s time to answer.

both traditional software manufacturers such as Microsoft and apple, or internet giants such as Google, which are now in the ascendant, are actually solving a demand of people, that is, to let data flow freely among multiple terminals, so that all devices can share information seamlessly. This is the basic demand of user ecology in the era of mobile Internet. Is it really of great significance for ecological construction to make a flip screen today and a transparent car tomorrow? Science and technology should always serve people, and we hope win10x can implement this!

Author: zmhuaxia