With 65W charging, the iPhone 12 has a maximum of 20W. Is cook embarrassed?

Last year, oppo launched the world’s first smartphone to support 65W charging technology, Reno ace, which is equipped with snapdragon 855 plus processor, a full range of ufs3.0 storage media, plus the 65W charging technology, Reno Ace quickly became the most popular flagship mobile phone at that time; 65W charging technology also became one of oppo’s “unique skills”. This year, a number of Reno series machines adopted 65W charging technology. < / P > < p > in order to “popularize” the 65W charging technology, oppo recently launched a 5g smart phone, reno4, with a price of more than 2000 yuan Se, this machine is equipped with Tianji 720 chip, which is also one of the 5g chips with the lowest performance on the market. However, the charging technology of this machine has reached the level of the flagship mobile phone. After all, most of the flagship mobile phones have not adopted the charging technology above 65W. < / P > < p > recently, a new machine from the oppo sub brand realme has been exposed on the Internet. The model of the machine is “rmx2173”, which is probably a product of realme q series. The machine uses two 2100mAh batteries. Most of the machines designed with dual cells are designed to support high-power charging technology, such as oppo’s 65W vooc charging. < / P > < p > realme is a brand-new sub brand launched by oppo in the overseas market in 2018. The brand mainly focuses on the “cost-effective” smartphone market, and it officially entered the Chinese market last year. The first smartphone launched by the brand in China, realme x, adopts the 20W used by oppo’s flagship mobile phone Vooc fast charging technology became the fastest charging smart phone at that time. < / P > < p > after oppo quickly “relegated” 65W charging technology to realme and Yijia mobile phones. After obtaining oppo’s 65W charging technology, these two mobile phone brands have also reached the top level in the industry in terms of charging; realme has launched X7, X7 pro, X50 pro and other smart phones supporting 65W charging technology, of which the starting price of realme X7 is less than 2000 yuan. < / P > < p > from the product positioning of realme, X series is higher than q series. If this Q series machine with 65W charging technology is on the market, the starting price of the machine should be lower than realme For X7, otaku speculates that the price of the device is likely to be reduced to less than 1500 yuan. Then this machine will become the lowest price of the smartphone with 65W charging technology. The charging speed is no match at the same price. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, this q-series machine will be equipped with an eight core chip with a dominant frequency of 2.4GHz, which is supposed to be Tianji series chip. The battery capacity of the machine is 4200mah, supporting 65W charging technology, the display screen is 6.43 inches, the resolution is 1080p, and the back is a four camera head module. The four lenses are 64 million pixels, 8 million pixels, 2 million pixels and 2 million pixels 。 < / P > < p > for comparison, Apple’s entire iPhone 12 series this year supports up to 20W PD charging technology, which is not as good as realme’s 1000 yuan smart phones in terms of charging. Some of the machines in this series are not equipped with chargers as standard. From this point of view, apple is really not kind enough. I wonder if cook would feel embarrassed to see a thousand yuan mobile phone charging with 65W href= https://twhosting.com/baidu-continues-to-work-on-quantum-computing-to-lay-a-solid-foundation-for-new-infrastructure-construction/ target=_ blank>Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction