With a simple setup, the phone can turn on the X-ray scanner!

Strange things happen every year, especially this year! When I went to work in the morning, Xiao Lei was dozing off. I accidentally noticed that my colleague at the next table was doing a strange thing! He was X-raying his hand with his mobile phone! Looking at his amazing skeleton, Xiao Lei woke up in a moment of drowsiness, and quickly took a picture of his mobile phone! < / P > < p > this is really amazing. When can mobile phones act as X-ray scanners to see through the body? Xiao Lei’s curiosity was aroused in an instant and pestered his colleagues for questioning all morning. Finally, he was willing to tell me the secret! It turns out that this is actually done with special effects! Sure enough, the great God depends on technology. We ordinary people can only rely on artifact. The main reason is that it doesn’t take up too much memory, and babies who don’t have enough memory need to worry about it. But the only problem is that it only supports Android. After all, apple refuses to make all kinds of fussy things! Interested friends who want to taste new, are old rules, to " Xiaolei " official account back to reply! < / P > < p > I’m afraid some friends don’t know how to operate, so I’d better give you a picture and text explanation first! First of all, after entering the page, you can select the part you want to scan. < / P > < p > in fact, the method is super simple. There are only two function buttons in the scanning interface, setting on the left and restoring on the right. You can adjust the parameters in the settings, and adjust the size, sensitivity and speed of the scanning display according to your own preferences. After the adjustment of < / P > < p >, you can start scanning! Take the hand as an example, when scanning, just put the mobile phone to your hand, and then tilt slightly, move down the palm, you can make perspective scanning effect! < / P > < p > isn’t it super simple and looks super powerful? The mobile phone can turn into an X-ray scanner, and the internal bones are clearly visible! Want to be used for Spoof or do shooting material and so on are very good! If you are interested, please go to taste the fresh food! Finally, Xiao Lei is still warm to remind you! This artifact is pure entertainment! Don’t take it seriously! < / P > < p > OK! Xiao Lei’s sharing today is over. What’s more interesting after the old rules will be shared with you for the first time! See you next time! gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?