With A14 + screen fingerprint unlock? Hundreds of millions of fruit powder unexpected, happiness came too suddenly

is affected novel coronavirus pneumonia this year, and the mobile phone industry is very influential. Apple suddenly released a brand-new iPhone E in anticipation, which not only brought revenue to apple, but also boosted its share price. As of August 20, Apple’s market value exceeded $2 trillion. According to foreign media, apple is still preparing to develop three new iphoneses, which will be equipped with an off screen fingerprint unlock + A14 chip. The price is still very user-friendly. According to foreign media, apple is developing three different sizes of iPhones. For millions of fruit powder, happiness comes too suddenly. The aim of the new iPhone is to lower the threshold of Apple products. Two months after its launch, the price of the new iPhone has dropped to less than 3000 yuan. < / P > < p > this is still equipped with the latest processor. Even if the appearance design is backward and there is no comprehensive screen and face ID, it can not resist the enthusiasm of fruit fans. The new iPhone is being built to allow more consumers to become fruit powder, so as to increase Apple’s revenue through value-added services. < / P > < p > there are three new iPhone models. At present, only 5.5 “and 6.1” will be equipped with A14 bionic chip, and equipped with long focus lens and ultra wide angle lens. Meanwhile, it will adopt the latest off screen fingerprint unlocking function. This is designed according to the iPhone XS and iPhone 11. If the fingerprint unlocking under the screen can be realized, then the face ID is not necessary. In this way, there will be no bangs, Apple may use a perforated screen or water drop screen, in terms of appearance is also better. What’s more, it still continues the full screen. It is more advanced than the new iPhone in appearance and function. < / P > < p > whether it’s new or old iPhones, positioning is cheap. The forecast price will not be too expensive, not more than 4000. The screen is likely to use LCD panels. Although cheap, but the configuration is not backward. You know, apple originally planned to generate $50 billion in revenue for value-added services, but more than half of this year has passed. The value-added services sector is nearly $40 billion, so the task will be over fulfilled. Apple will no longer rely on the iPhone as its main source of revenue in the future after it has tasted the benefits of value-added services. Increase the number of users by reducing the price of products. For hundreds of millions of fruit powder, it is also a very happy thing to buy a more durable mobile phone for less money. Older posts →

Author: zmhuaxia