With full focus coverage and micro pan tilt support, vivo X50 Pro has obvious advantages in photographing

Nowadays, photographing has become an important standard for people to measure the merits and demerits of a mobile phone. In this regard, vivo mobile phone has been doing very well in recent years, especially the recently released ා vivo X50 ᦇ, after strengthening the hardware and later algorithm, has made many people praise its performance in photographing. The author will take you to experience the photo strength of this vivo X50 pro. The most interesting hardware aspect of vivo X50 Pro is the micro pan tilt in the rear main camera. It not only breaks through the plane thinking of traditional optical anti shake and forms its own three-dimensional anti shake system, but also has a great progress compared with OIS optical anti shake. It makes the mobile phone capture more stable, and even in the case of long-term hand exposure, it can effectively reduce the impact of hand shaking on the shooting, and greatly improve the clarity of photos. < / P > < p > the vivo X50 Pro is equipped with a rear four camera. In addition to the 48 million pixel main camera, the vivo X50 Pro also has a 120 ° ultra wide angle ultra macro lens, a 50 mm equivalent focal length professional portrait lens, and a periscope telephoto lens. This makes the vivo X50 Pro not only can take high pixel photos, but also has the ability to shoot full focus, whether it is long focus, portrait, wide angle, or macro, ultra long distance can be easily shot. For example, the following close-up photo of flowers by vivo X50 Pro has the feeling of a commercial blockbuster because it has both macro details and wide-angle tension, and is full of texture and visual impact. < / P > < p > in fact, for photography, pressing the shutter is just the beginning, and the later revision and color matching are still very important, so it also tests the algorithm ability of a mobile phone. However, vivo has accumulated certain algorithm advantages in photographing through continuous self-production and self-research in recent years, and these advantages are also used in vivo X50 pro. Through real shooting, we found that vivo X50 Pro not only has pure color, but also has excellent performance in some complex light conditions, such as dark light and backlight at night. In addition, the portrait beauty skills are also first-class. < / P > < p > for example, the following vivo X50 Pro’s photos taken under complex light at night can not only suppress the highlight caused by the light bulb in the picture, but also fully expose the wall and chair at the bottom of the picture, so as not to lose details. In addition, the color brightness and saturation of the flowers and green leaves decorated around the table in the picture are well controlled. In a word, vivo X50 Pro is very good at processing the levels of light and shade and color harmony, which makes people feel very comfortable. < / P > < p > and the following portrait photo after beautifying with vivo X50 Pro can remove the blemishes, dark spots and other defects on the character’s face, and make the character’s skin look smooth and delicate. After adding a certain amount of red to the skin, the character’s skin looks more ruddy and healthy. In addition, whether it is the degree of virtual background, or the contrast and transparency of the whole photo, it is also done very well, which can be regarded as a good portrait film. < / P > < p > through the above hardware configuration data and a series of samples, it is not difficult to find that the vivo X50 Pro has a really good photo taking ability. Vivo X50 Pro is not only convenient to take photos, but also has high output rate. The color, transparency, details and texture of the picture are also the top level in the current flagship mobile phone. It can not only meet the daily use of photography, but also a good choice for learning mobile phone photography and creation, which is worth starting with. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo