With powerful image performance and rich photo functions, vivo S7 leads a new trend of self portrait

With the popularity of social software, today’s young people are particularly keen to share their beautiful self photos on social software. At this time, a mobile phone with powerful image performance can not only help us to easily shoot a textured blockbuster, but also enrich our experience when shooting. When it comes to powerful image performance and rich image functions, I immediately think of a mobile phone, which is called “vivo S7” with a new generation of 5g lightweight self portrait flagship. < / P > < p > the hardware configuration of the mobile phone is the basis to decide whether we can shoot a large texture film, so let’s first see how the vivo S7 is configured in terms of image. This time, vivo S7 has made a big upgrade in front camera, upgrading the front camera from one to two. The first is a front-end 44 million UHD PDAF autofocus main camera, and the second is a 105 ° ultra wide angle sub camera. Each lens has its own different abilities. < / P > < p > we can see that the little sister in the 8 megapixel 105 ultra wide angle lens is not only ruddy and glossy, but also has a more coordinated head shoulder ratio, which makes it easy to have a thin face and small shooting effect. The powerful super wide-angle function of vivo S7 not only makes the front wide-angle lens have a wider viewing range, but also corrects the distortion of the front wide-angle lens, which can intelligently correct the deformation of the face and background in the image, making the whole picture look natural and real. < / P > < p > the new vivo S7 has also been upgraded in terms of image functions, bringing us a richer photographic experience. Among the many popular image functions, my favorite is the double exposure function. The new double exposure function can open the front and rear main cameras for shooting at the same time, or we can select one of the front or rear main cameras to shoot, and then stack the two photos together to achieve the effect of double exposure. < / P > < p > we can see that the new double exposure function skillfully overlaps the little sister’s self photo taking with the street view, showing us a very unique aesthetic feeling, which is very beautiful. In the past, we wanted to achieve the effect of double exposure of photos, all of which depended on the later P-map. It was very difficult for ordinary users to make photos have this wonderful effect. The new double exposure function shows us a different form of photo expression than before, which makes our shooting process more interesting. < / P > < p > having seen the sample shot by vivo S7, have you been conquered by its powerful image strength? In addition to the interesting double exposure function, vivo S7 also has rich and interesting image functions, such as five super texture beauty 3.0, one click vlog, super night scene self shooting 2.0 and other rich and interesting image functions, providing users with a broader space for image creation. If you are also a self timer enthusiast, the new vivo S7 is worth experiencing. Older posts →