With the advent of 5g space Internet era, who will be the next byte jitter?

Tiktok is the world’s fastest app with 1 billion users. Prior to that, tiktok had become popular around the world, covering 150 countries and regions, covering 75 languages, with more than 2 billion downloads. In the first half of 2020, the company won the first number of non Game App downloads and the third largest revenue in the world.

as a pioneer in applying AI algorithm recommendation engine to mobile Internet scene, tiktok parent company has become a new giant in mobile Internet era. The underlying logic of the rapid growth of the bottom byte jump can be described as “the app factory in the era of recommendation algorithm”.

Zhang Yiming created today’s headlines in March 2012, aiming to change the distribution mode of information through recommendation algorithm: from the mode of editing distribution and search engine of portal website to personalized distribution mode based on big data and machine learning AI algorithm. In April 2018, the headline company changed its name to byte dance. At this time, it has revealed that it has built a number of product matrices with 100 billion traffic and 100 billion advertising revenue Empire based on the core recommendation engine algorithm.

among them, the most kernel is the engine layer. After years of data precipitation, byte skipping has gradually opened its engine capability to ocean Tiktok volcano (Volcengine) integrates Engine’s marketing capabilities such as headlines, jitter, watermelon videos, car drivers and pangolin products, and brings together partners such as traffic, data and content to provide integrated digital marketing solutions for advertisers. Volcano is a business intelligence platform based on byte jumping, relying on its massive data. And artificial intelligence, as well as growth philosophy and methodology, to provide customers with intelligent recommendation and other product services. Based on this personalized recommendation engine, it serves the application layer of several hundred million class flow product matrix, and finally creates huge revenue in the commercial layer by recommending media information stream advertising. It is understood that more than 75% of the 140 billion yuan revenue of byte jump in 2019 comes from advertising.

with the disclosure of investment information on byte jump by Tiger global management, a well-known investment institution, the current valuation of byte jitter is about $100 billion to $150 billion. Compared with the valuation of $60 million in 2012, it has achieved a 2500 fold increase in valuation in just eight years. It is understood that byte hop’s annual revenue target this year is 200 billion yuan, more than half of Tencent’s annual revenue of 377 billion yuan in 2019. At present, Tencent’s market value is about 5 trillion Hong Kong dollars.

in 2020, black swans will appear frequently. At the same time, all countries are scrambling to deploy 5g. Can byte skipping maintain high growth rate? What will the Internet look like in 5g era? Will there be a new 100 billion super species? We can infer from the essence of the development of the Internet.

since the emergence of civilization, human beings have expressed and spread information in various ways, from knot rope records, oracle bone inscriptions, bamboo slips and silk books, to ancient papermaking, movable type printing, and even the invention of telegraph machine in 1834, the development of trans oceanic Haitian cable in 1858, and the wireless telegraph in 1875 in the year of wire. After that, with the outstanding contributions of Alan Turing, the father of computer theory, Claude Shannon, the father of information theory, and von Neumann, the father of modern computer, we gradually came to the era of computer and modern information civilization. Since the launch of Yahoo! Which was founded in 1995 for more than a year, and the huge advertisement of “how far is the Chinese from the information superhighway – 1500 meters north” set up in Zhongguancun, Beijing, human beings have stepped into the vigorous Internet for 25 years. China’s GDP has increased nearly 20 times from 734.5 billion US dollars in 1995 to 14.17 trillion US dollars in 2019.

the development of the entire human information civilization can be fully summarized by the physics Master John Wheeler’s “it from bit”. The “bit” used to describe information has become the most important physical dimension in the 21st century, and the information engine technology has also become the most important core power for the development of civilization. From the PC Internet in 1995-2010 to the mobile Internet in 2010-2020, every reform of wired and wireless communication technology and computing terminal, digital information media carrier and information engine has brought unprecedented value and market scale. Information media form from the earliest text, voice, to images, video, live, people never-ending need higher media transmission efficiency and richer information consumption experience. Generally speaking, we have experienced three generations of Internet Information Engine:

the first generation portal engine. When the Internet first appeared, it was represented by Yahoo, Sina, Netease, etc., and static portal pages and hyperlinks were the main ways of information retrieval. At the same time, the Internet advertising mode also appeared.

the second generation search engine, when the information explosion growth, portal engine can’t provide users with full amount of information efficiently. The search engines represented by Google and Baidu through automatic crawler and index building have emerged, and the competitive ranking and search advertising alliance are popular.

third generation recommendation engine, search can not meet the growing demand for personalized information consumption, and it represents people’s behavior and needs by byte beating, spelling, and Kwai. It can make content, products and services actively seek people through personalized information flow, representing higher order of information transmission and consumption, from “people looking for information” to “information for people”. 。

if Moore’s law is used to describe the growth of computing performance of silicon-based integrated circuits, then kuzweil’s law can be used to describe the exponential growth brought about by information civilization and the Internet. Let’s just look at the data of the emerging marketing segment of mobile Internet: the market scale of short video marketing will increase from 750 million yuan in 2016 to 32.8 billion yuan in 2019, and it is estimated that the market scale of short video marketing will reach 56.09 billion yuan in 2020 (up 71% year-on-year). China’s e-commerce marketing market revenue is expected to increase from 55.02 billion yuan in 2015 to 283.02 billion yuan in 2020. It is estimated that the scale of China’s e-commerce marketing market will grow by 26.9% year-on-year in 2020, and the mobile Internet native advertising market is expected to reach 456.21 billion yuan in 2020 (up 34.7% year-on-year). In addition, China’s mobile games increased from 27.89 billion yuan in 2014 to 185.02 billion yuan in 2019. In the first quarter of 2020, the sales revenue of China’s game industry reached 73.203 billion yuan (a year-on-year increase of 25.2%), of which the actual sales revenue of mobile game market was 55.37 billion yuan (46% year-on-year increase, accounting for 75.6% of the total game duration). It is worth mentioning that a number of international game companies have begun to lay out Mr space games. The global market scale has reached US $10 billion and is growing more rapidly.

after 10 years of development, the traffic dividend of mobile Internet has nearly disappeared. Many people are looking for new structural growth points and predicting what the next generation of Internet is, so as to enjoy greater growth dividend in advance.

the essence of Internet development is to improve the efficiency and experience of information consumption. The famous psychological experiment of experimental psychologist chirratra: 83% of the sources of information come from vision and 11% from hearing, which add up to 94%. In terms of the effectiveness dimension of information acquisition and memory, people can remember 10% of the content obtained through reading and 70% of the content obtained through multi-dimensional communication and interaction. With the rapid improvement of the computing power of smart phones and AR glasses terminals, the processing capacity of consumer class cameras, 5g wireless communication capabilities, computer vision and deep learning algorithms, human beings seem to have come to a critical point in a new era.

However, a large number of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and CV (computer vision) companies do not seem to give every consumer imaginative products and scene applications. So far, most of the visual intelligence is for machines rather than for people. At present, there are two categories:

according to previous hot articles, face recognition companies try their best to promote themselves to help a local police station How many escaped criminals and how many smart communities have been established. In the end, AI has only landed in one market security. In the eyes of traditional security people, CV four dragons (four representative companies of computer vision: Shangtang, Kuangshi, Yitu and Yuncong) have a much lower sense of existence in the security market than the outside world can see. The overestimated value supported by a large amount of capital is far from being achieved Internet companies such as byte hopping high growth and high profits.

General driverless driving is a scene with a lot of imagination space. However, with the great support of capital in recent years, it has skipped the theoretical breakthrough and technical breakthrough stage, and directly merged into the engineering breakthrough stage. Many autopilot companies need to research and issue top journals and conferences at various latest levels. It is not like industrial product development, but rather the self entertainment of laboratory graduate students, continuing the dream that capital and companies are not willing to pierce. With the help of a large amount of capital and government support, the service robot industry has also poured in a large number of entrepreneurs. They have painted a variety of cakes that provide navigation and intelligent services in shopping malls, hotels, homes and other scenes. In front of the gap between storytelling and reality, most of them are faced with reverse closure and transformation.

with the large-scale commercial use of 5g, there may be a further breakthrough in automatic driving. However, returning to the main idea of this paper, whether visual accounting for 83% of information sources can be used to empower and enhance everyone through AI is a more worthy topic to discuss: in the next decade, will information consumption have higher efficiency and experience than recommendation engine, so that everyone can consume more abundant through natural visual and auditory interaction in daily life, work and entertainment The virtual reality fusion scene information.

in 2012, Google glass was listed and transformed into b-end market due to immature algorithm and market acceptance. However, it caused the public’s expectation for the future of AR / Mr. At the beginning of 2016, Microsoft hololens went public, which triggered a boom of AR / MR entrepreneurship, including many star hardware companies, such as meta, ODG, daqri, Skully, castar, which raised hundreds of millions of US dollars for a brilliant time, but eventually went bankrupt. After obtaining nearly $3 billion investment in the luxury capital lineup with many film and television level promotional films, magicleap delivered products that were completely less than expected, and the sales volume was far lower than hololens series. After failing to invest, magic leap faced bankruptcy at the beginning of this year and failed to seek merger and acquisition. After publishing the news of thousands of layoffs, magic leap finally obtained the investment of health care companies to protect itself. This seems to have hit a lot of capital and consumer confidence in Ar / Mr.

on the other hand, more and more news has disclosed the giant’s layout on AR glasses. It is reported that apple, Huawei, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have all invested 1000 people in the R & D of AR glasses. There are even several reports that Apple glasses will launch the first consumer grade ar glasses between the end of 2021 and Q2 of 2022, and the small batch production of its perspective ar lens has been completed. Not long ago, Google paid $180 million to buy ar glasses company north, which was interpreted as Google’s restart of consumer grade ar glasses business. According to many experts in the AR field, from the progress of the core components of the products and the situation that the giants have invested in the layout, it is a high probability event to launch 5g AR / MR glasses in the next two years, while the AR / MR glasses solve the “look” and “listen” parts of information acquisition at the same time. As the form of the next generation mobile computing terminal, it is the vast majority of people

Author: zmhuaxia