With the arrival of the 100 million pixel 1000 yuan machine, smart phones are facing the war of dimension reduction?

Redmi’s Note Series has sold 140 million units worldwide. On the evening of November 26, the redmi note 9 series, which started at 999 yuan, was released. The 100 million pixel camera has also been used for the first time. < / P > < p > on the same day, redmi note 9 Pro launched the 100 million pixel camera hm2 in China, and also launched the high-tech snapdragon 750g liquid-cooled game core, and equipped with a 120 Hz high refresh rate screen in the 1000 yuan machine gear. < / P > < p > the increasingly improved image system has become an important feature of domestic mobile phones. Redmi note 9 Pro launched the third generation of 100 million pixel camera sensor Hm2, which has the bottom and high pixel of the flagship camera, as well as the 9-in-1 pixel fusion technology, which can realize the night scene photography with super large pixels. < / P > < p > it is understood that this 100 million pixel main camera can directly output 108mp Ultra HD photos, and supports 9in1 pixel fusion technology. In addition, redmi note 9 Pro is equipped with 8 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, 2 million pixel macro lens and 2 million pixel depth of field lens for portrait. Four lenses can cover a variety of shooting scenes. < p > < p > Lu Weibing, who is full of fire, can’t help shelling the strange phenomenon of the mobile phone industry. He says that the double standard of the mobile phone industry is very strong, and the navy is also very fierce. If you sell it cheaply, he will say that you have forgotten your original intention; if you have a high configuration, he will say that you can only stack materials; if you have a choice in configuration, he will say that you have accurate knife technique; if you are out of stock, you are playing monkey If you have enough goods, you are unsalable No matter how you do it, he has a way to hack you. However, Lu Weibing finally said that redmi’s idea is very simple, that is, to do a good job for users, and then set the price as reasonable as possible. Previously, the cumulative sales volume of note 8 series exceeded 40 million, and the total global sales volume of note series has exceeded 140 million. < p > < p > on the same day, Lu Weibing also said that in the coming year, millet houses should be opened in every county to accelerate the sinking of county-level markets. According to industry insiders, the current millet home in the county market coverage is less than 30%. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that the competition in the mobile phone industry will be more intense in the future. On the same day, news also came out that the liquid lens may be mass produced and commercialized next year, and Huawei is expected to launch. According to industry news, Huawei’s P50 series may be launched if liquid lens is mass produced and commercialized next year. It is understood that the advantages of liquid lens are outstanding, and its focusing speed is very fast, which can realize millisecond focusing like human eyes, further improving the shooting ability of mobile phones. Skip to content