With the collapse of Apple’s official website, the first batch of iPhone 12 on the e-commerce platform were all sold out. What about buying domestic products?

With the collapse of Apple’s official website, all major domestic e-commerce platforms, such as tmall and Jingdong, have all sold out. Just a few days later, you said you would buy domestic products, but you secretly placed the order. In fact, this phenomenon has been predicted for a long time, which can be said to be the same every year. In the field of smart phones, Apple’s new phones are the most important part of the year, and the annual Apple conference is also known as the “Spring Festival Gala of science and technology”. < / P > < p > in fact, there are two factors. First, the brand effect. No matter how much apple is also a technology company with a market value of up to 2 trillion yuan, Apple has the highest voice in the supply chain of mobile phone components, not to mention any technological breakthroughs. < / P > < p > so Apple’s screen is the top-level product on the market. With its own color control and screen optimization, Apple’s optical screen is the top-notch. Take the iPhone XR as an example, who could have thought that the quality of this screen with a resolution of only 720p would be so high? < / P > < p > and this time, the screen of the iPhone 12 is upgraded in an all-round way. Compared with the previous generation, the PPI has been increased by 2 times, and the glass hardness is also the strongest in history, with the drop resistance improved by 4 times. Because no matter what kind of screen has its audience, and LCD screen is playing games, it is incomparable with OLED screen. Of course, even if you don’t play games, eye soreness and bloating are the sequelae of using OLED for a long time. < / P > < p > so I saw many netizens saying: the iPhone 12 was abandoned because of the OLED screen. After all, the apple phones used in the past were LCD, so I can’t stand it when I switch to OLED. < / P > < p > I believe that many friends choose iPhones for IOS system, and the reason is very simple. IOS is smooth and safe. In fact, this is also a problem that domestic manufacturers are aware of. In fact, consumers are not so responsive to the black technology on hardware. < / P > < p > most users want a simple system like IOS. Privacy can be guaranteed sufficiently and the operation can be smooth enough. < / P > < p > in addition, although there are not many apple family buckets with the advantages of Apple ecology, most of them will be “kidnapped” by Apple once they have experienced the charm of Apple ecology. In the future, only apple devices will be considered. It’s because we have to admit that Apple’s ecological experience is the most mature and perfect at present. No matter it’s the function of aerial delivery or relay, it can’t go back. < / P > < p > that’s why the iPhone 12 is selling well. But how about the iPhone 12? < / P > < p > because of the so-called environmental protection, even the charger and headset are not sent. What’s more, the key is that the price does not subtract the cost of accessories, which is really divine logic. < / P > < p > in 2020, the iPhone 12 is still 64g of memory. In the past year, the charging has only increased by 2W to 20W. Can this 20W be called fast charging? Domestic manufacturers have produced 120W fast charging.

of course, although iPhone12 came out, many netizens make complaints about it. Everyone is saying that iPhone 12 is collecting IQ tax, but we can see that it is also true. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally