With the iPhone 12 in the network, Huawei is also on the way?

Every year in September, the digital circle will become very busy. In September, when the students start school, Huawei and apple, one of the top three mobile phone manufacturers in the world, will hold an annual flagship new product launch. This year, Huawei will prepare the strongest Huawei mate 40 series for you, while Apple will prepare the strongest iPhone 12 series for you. < p > < p > and the information about the two flagship models of these two brands has been flying all over the Internet recently. Among them, Huawei is particularly concerned because Huawei has been unable to normally produce more Kirin 9000 chips with 5nm process after being subjected to several rounds of unwarranted sanctions from the United States It is also expected that this may be the milestone of Kirin chip’s masterpiece. < / P > < p > Apple’s attention is not weak. In the past few years, Apple has basically held one or two new product launches a year, so it’s reasonable that once the launch is hot, it’s reasonable. Although Apple has almost no innovation in recent years, at least the chip has been improving. This year, Apple should have a greater challenge. According to the global mobile phone sales data in the second quarter, Huawei has already surpassed apple, and apple has been dropped to the third place, and the distance is not small. We should know that this is the case of Huawei being cut by the United States, so Apple also feels the unprecedented sense of crisis. After 12 months, we have been waiting for the latest news of iPhone In terms of specific parameters, we can see that the four models correspond to four different battery capacities, which are 2227mah, 22775mah, 2815mah, 3687mah, which should be designed according to the size of the screen The 12 screen is the smallest and the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen is the largest. In terms of processor, there should be no suspense about A14 this time, and 5g should also be arranged this time. There may be a big upgrade in the top configuration of the camera. If the price is lower, Xiaobian thinks that there will be a further decline. After all, for apple, the decline in sales has become a fact. Last year, iPhone has become a reality The huge increase in sales brought about by the 11 / 11 price cut is also an example. < / P > < p > so when will it be released? According to the past time rule, iPhone 12 should be released around September 10. At the same time, some netizens sent an article saying that the announcement of Apple’s new product launch was found in the official iPhone, which clearly stated that it was released on September 10, but then the announcement was revoked. But then the news was proved to be false, which really made people happy. In any case, the probability of release in early September is still very high. Let’s wait and see when the specific release date is. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer