With these two points alone, the iPhone 12 must be bought?

With the iPhone 12 coming on the scene, “breaking news” has become one of the established programs every year. On the eve of Apple’s official announcement, all the news about the iPhone 12 had been exposed. Weibo netizen @ Kang generously shared the information about the launch, and we learned about the color, capacity and main selling points of the new iPhone. However, it is a pity that we have not seen the word “high screen swipe” in the long articles. Then, Jon Prosser, an overseas informant with a very accurate disclosure, also said that this year Apple will not carry a high refresh 120 Hz screen. Under the cross validation of multiple sources, the fact that the new iPhone doesn’t have a high refresh rate screen is basically a foregone conclusion. < / P > < p > from the perspective of use, it has almost become a consensus that “mobile phones with high screen swipe are better to use”. Otherwise, mobile phone manufacturers will not increase efforts to popularize high refresh rate screens, or even realmes that are in the early stage of 1000 yuan Q2 will also be equipped with 120Hz high-speed screen swipe; however, from the perspective of sales, Xiao Lei does not agree with some pessimistic views on the Internet. For iPhones such as iPhones, whether there is high screen swipe will not affect the actual sales. On the contrary, due to the emergence of some key upgrades, iPhone sales will reach a new high this year, which should not be a problem. < / P > < p > for smart phones, consumers’ demands can be roughly divided into two categories: the first is “basic requirements”, such as battery life, signal and fluency, and the second is “advanced demand”, such as screen display quality, photo level and charging demand. After all, smart phones are not only communication tools, but also electronic products. In the case of weak signal and poor endurance, it is useless to have any good additional functions. Although there are some mobile phones on the market that emphasize excellent screen quality or excellent photo performance, don’t forget that these mobile phones have done a good job in basic requirements before emphasizing additional advanced selling points. < p > < p > since apple and Qualcomm broke up for a short time, Apple has used Intel baseband in three series of products: iPhone x, iPhone XS and iPhone 11. However, due to the poor performance of Intel baseband and and antenna design problems, the signal performance of these three generations of iPhones is not satisfactory. < / P > < p > in addition to poor signal, not supporting 5g has also made previous iPhones quite passive, because smartphones sold in the Chinese market, as low as 1000 yuan and as high as 10000 yuan, have successfully supported various 5g systems. After re entering into cooperation with Qualcomm and adopting the high pass baseband, the four models of the whole series of iPhone 12 will not only greatly improve the signal performance, but also support 5g network, which is obviously a great progress compared with previous iPhone models. < / P > < p > in addition to further improving the basic experience, I think the iPhone 12 has a very big upgrade: design changes and the addition of new colors. Compared with some less perceptible function upgrades, the changes in appearance will be more intuitive and more stimulating to consumers’ eyes. From the sales of iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, changing design has always been an important means for apple to promote sales. Since iPhone x, “full screen” design has appeared on the iPhone for three generations. Ordinary consumers have long felt tired and tired. The iPhone 12 series, which can bring a sense of freshness and has a certain degree of recognition, will definitely be welcomed by the market. < / P > < p > although there is no high refresh rate screen, the battery capacity is not large and the fast charging power is not high enough, it is hard to say that the iPhone 12 itself has any obvious shortcomings. As long as the hardware level of the iPhone 12 can ensure the smooth operation of the system, it is a replacement worthy of Apple fans’ expectation. < / P > < p > from then on to the end, the discussion about “high screen swiping” is limited to the digital circle. However, there are still a large number of old apple users in the market. The main force is the old products such as iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It is also them who are most likely to replace their old computers with iPhone 12. < / P > < p > to be fair, replacing the iPhone 12 in 2020 is really a good node. It happens that the iPhone 12 supports 5g, signal improvement, and the price drops to a reasonable price. Although there are still some regrets in various aspects of configuration, it can be regarded as an excellent product to meet the “pragmatists”. < / P > < p > looking at such a relaxed look, it seems that Apple has mastered the “wealth code”. Each year, new products only need to be updated to obtain good sales. There are even netizens joking on the Internet. The next generation iPhone can use high-speed screen as the selling point for one year, and then use 30W fast charging as the selling point for another year in 2022. Now, the selling points on Android flagship phones are enough for apple to use in 2025. However, in fact, Apple’s “toothpaste squeeze” behavior does exist, and it is not very active in deploying innovative selling points. Over the years, the core competitiveness of iPhone is still IOS and the ecosystem behind it. However, the two core competitiveness can stand for so many years, which shows that Apple has two brushes. < / P > < p > and another fact is that in order to obtain better sales volume, Android phones can only create selling points by improving individual parameters and attract new users by using the attraction of “gimmicks”. If we observe carefully, we can find that there has been no “disruptive innovation” in smart phones for many years. Even if Android flagship tricks are frequent, they are inseparable from screen, photo taking and charging. < / P > < p > it is difficult to innovate from 0 to 1, but it is not so difficult from 1 to 5 to 10. The reason why iPhone has the capital to “squeeze toothpaste” today is that it has made full use of the previous innovation and accumulated huge advantages. For example, the fluency of the system, as well as the construction of application ecology, the vast majority of Android mobile phone manufacturers are followers in front of apple, and the huge advantage of basic experience has become the capital of Apple’s “toothpaste squeeze”. < / P > < p > the advanced experience features represented by “high refresh rate” can make the mobile phone experience better, but without them, it will not make the mobile phone “useless”. The reason why Android mobile phone manufacturers pursue these “icing on the cake” features and functions is that the basic competition points cannot be widened. The basic experience between Android mobile phone manufacturers is similar, so they can only work on individual functions and make differences among them. < / P > < p > for example, students with a poor starting point always have to redouble their efforts to catch up with their competitors at a high starting point. The same is true for Android mobile phone manufacturers. The completely different competitive environment determines that Android mobile phone manufacturers have no capital to “squeeze toothpaste”, so they can only launch new functions and new selling points one after another to attract consumers’ attention. But on the whole, this kind of special competition is benign. If there were no Android mobile phone manufacturers to bring forth the new and press step by step, we might not have joined the high-power fast charging and high-speed screen iPhone even in 2025, let alone hope for no fringe iPhone or folding screen iPhone. < / P > < p > in a few hours, we will bring you the first-hand information of the iPhone 12 launch. We will meet you at 8:00 tomorrow morning! Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing