With this “Southeast Asia version of Taobao”, Tencent’s e-commerce dream has come true!

Tencent has always had an immortal social dream, from building its own e-commerce platforms such as paipaipaipai, QQ online shopping and Eason, to investing in e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, pinduoduo and vipshop, but Tencent still can’t shake Alibaba’s e-commerce empire. < p > < p > here, Alibaba acquired lazada, the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, in 2016. Tencent has invested in Singapore’s e-commerce and game distribution company sea, which is known as the Southeast Asia version of Tencent. Tencent is the largest shareholder of the company, and sea is the parent company of shopee, an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. < / P > < p > the latest war situation shows that in the second and third quarters of 2019, lazada’s monthly live volume, visits and downloads ranked first in Southeast Asia, surpassing lazada. Moreover, shopee has more shops than lazada. The achievements of shopee show that the number of shopee users is growing and more and more sellers are entering shopee. Currently, shopee is the largest e-commerce trading platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, covering seven major markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. At present, shopee is entering Brazil, hoping to open up the South American market. < / P > < p > shopee was founded in 2015, while lazada was founded in 2012. Lazada was once one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. With the support of Ali, both financial resources and experience are better than shopee. How can shopee catch up? < p > < p > shopee is headquartered in Singapore. Although it is located in Southeast Asia, it is not so easy to successfully enter the major markets in Southeast Asia. < p > < p > because Southeast Asia covers many markets, there are more than 100 languages, more than 10 religions, and there are great differences in cultural consumption habits. If you want to carry out a model in the Southeast Asian market, it’s just like a fool talking about dreams, and it’s easy to be acclimatized. < / P > < p > lazada has only one independent app, but shopee has developed different apps in different markets. Although this method is complex, it is feasible in the case of less coverage of shopee market. After all, there are only seven major markets at present, and this method can guarantee the maximum degree of localization. < / P > < p > every August 9 is Singapore’s national day. Shopee has launched a National Day promotion on the Singapore version of shopee, which is very timely. < / P > < p > 88 is the homonym of father’s day. In Taiwan, China’s father’s Day is on August 8. For this reason, shopee has launched a special promotion for Taiwan’s 88 festivals. < / P > < p > from the above pictures, we can see that the page layout of shopee in major markets is basically the same, but different activities will be launched according to different situations of each market according to local conditions. < / P > < p > shopee has invested a lot of money in the construction of logistics infrastructure, built its own logistics channel SLS, and has also reached cooperation with many express companies, such as J & T, the largest express company in Southeast Asia, which can improve the distribution efficiency and save the distribution cost. < / P > < p > for example, in the process of delivery, due to the numerous islands in Southeast Asia and inconvenient transportation, the couriers will ride motorcycles to deliver the goods, which will take a long time on the road and may find the address inaccurate when they arrive at the place. Sometimes I find that people are not at home when I get to the door. If I leave it at the door, I will lose it. If I take it back, I don’t know when to deliver it next time. < p > < p > shopee adopts the localization method to solve the local logistics problems. Shopee’s courier will send SMS to confirm the time and address to ensure that the user is at home in a certain period of time. If the address is not correct, it can be changed in advance, which can not only solve the problem of high loss rate, but also give users a good logistics experience. < / P > < p > in terms of payment, the level of e-payment in Southeast Asia is in the primary state. Many people still pay in cash without bank cards. They will prefer to pick up goods in 7-11 convenience stores. Therefore, to solve this problem, we need to promote the method of COD, and comply with their preferred mode of delivery. < / P > < p > most of shopee’s senior executives have lived in Southeast Asia for decades, and the longer they live, the more they understand the Southeast Asian market. < / P > < p > and shopee has carried out local talent recruitment and training, which can not only provide shopee with localized talent advantages, but also establish a good impression for shopee, an international enterprise, in the local area. After all, it provides so many employment opportunities. < p > < p > but lazada’s top management changed frequently, and CEO changed four times. At first, lazada’s founder and CEO was Pierre Penglong, but later Alibaba asked Peng Lei, a veteran executive, to take over the position of CEO, and then re submitted his position to Pierre Penglong. Among these CEOs, Pierre Penglong was French and his wife was Singaporean. He moved his family to Southeast Asia in 2009 These people have a better understanding of Southeast Asia. The other two really have the ability, but they lack the life experience of Southeast Asia, and they are easily acclimatized. < / P > < p > almost every international enterprise is facing the problem of localization. So far, it is the most feasible way to employ localized talents because they have a better understanding of the local market. The e-commerce market in China is nearly saturated, but the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is a blue ocean. Now Southeast Asia, like China a decade ago, is a good time for big demand and small competition. < / P > < p > at present, the main way for Chinese enterprises to enter the Southeast Asian e-commerce market is to adopt Tencent’s investment or Alibaba’s acquisition mode, rather than go deep into Southeast Asia to build platforms and build logistics. Because the former method is less difficult and belongs to light sea going mode, while the latter is more difficult and heavy sea going mode. Shopee adopts the latter way. However, no matter which way we adopt, we need to have a deep understanding of the Southeast Asian market like shopee and carry out localization transformation, instead of copying the familiar Chinese model to Southeast Asia. < / P > < p > as Liu Jianghong, general manager of shopee’s cross-border business, has said that there are no giants and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the overseas big market. Who has enough knowledge of the local market and can grasp the core demands of the local market can truly establish itself in the local market. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

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