Without Chinese market, why is Samsung still the world’s largest mobile phone sales? Dividend of developed countries

In 2019, Samsung will ship 295 million mobile phones, with a global market share of 20.9%, ranking first in the world in terms of sales volume. However, Samsung’s sales ranking in China’s mobile phone market has entered “others”, which can be said to be ignored. As the saying goes: China’s market is the largest mobile phone market in the world. The domestic mobile phone sales volume is about 30% of the global mobile phone sales, and those who win the Chinese market win the world. But now there is no Samsung mobile phone in the Chinese market, why is the sales volume still the first in the world? In fact, the lean camel is bigger than the horse. To make a metaphor, it is equivalent to asking: How did you become a multimillionaire through the stock market? He only said: ha ha, I was a billionaire before the stock market. Do you understand? < / P > < p > in fact, this problem bothers many people. Why does Samsung mobile phones have no sense of existence in the Chinese market, that is, only 1% of the market share, why can Samsung still maintain the first place in global sales for many years. Don’t worry, Samsung’s position as the world’s number one is mixed. Let’s have a look. However, this is mainly due to Samsung’s loss of the Chinese market, and then being eaten up by Chinese brands in the third world countries. For example, the Indian market has been ravaged by millet and oppo. However, at this stage, Samsung can still achieve the world’s first sales volume. Samsung lost the Chinese market, mainly because of the fierce competition in the Chinese market itself. Coupled with the fermentation of the note 7 explosion, for Chinese users, Samsung’s brand image has completely collapsed. < / P > < p > high end mobile phones, especially those from 6000 yuan, are already very few consumers in the Chinese market. With the impact of apple and Huawei, it is very difficult to win the market again. If it is a mid-range mobile phone, the market competition will be even greater. Samsung’s a series machines launched in China this time are not competitive compared with the configuration of Hongmi and glory models. < / P > < p > since 2016, after domestic brands entered the Southeast Asian market in large areas, Samsung’s market share in Southeast Asia has decreased by 30%, and now only 27% of the market share. In 2017 alone, vivio grew by 110% and oppo by 37%. < / P > < p > and the most difficult thing for Samsung is that at present, the average price of Samsung’s mobile phone sales is about 2000 yuan. That is to say, facing the competition from domestic manufacturers, Samsung has to sell 1000 yuan machines to maintain the market. This is not a good trend. < p > < p > Samsung’s mobile phone channel expansion ability is very strong, including capitalist countries, socialist countries, Third World countries and so on, which can be bought by Samsung mobile phones, including markets like North Korea. In fact, Samsung is still the favorite mobile phone of North Korean users at present. In this regard, Samsung’s channel capacity is still beyond the reach of domestic manufacturers and brands. In addition, Samsung takes operators from all over the world as partners, and then gives a lot of subsidies. For example, for a mobile phone that sells 7000 yuan in China, Samsung can buy a mobile phone with a 30% discount if it buys a two-year package by binding with the operator. The attraction is still relatively large. < p > < p > finally, Samsung is a Korean enterprise, and South Korea has always been supported by the United States. Samsung is actually an American enterprise, and the United States is the bastion of capitalist countries, so Samsung can naturally expand its strength in the market of capitalist countries. < p > < p > we should know that Samsung itself has been controlled by more than 50% of the capital of the US side. In fact, as an American enterprise, it has naturally received a lot of policy conditions for entertainment. < p > < p > for example, the United States, a big consumer market, has been sanctioning Huawei. Naturally, Samsung and apple can do whatever they want in the US market. The market share of the two brands in the United States has reached 80%. In Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other developed countries, Samsung’s market share is either the first or the second. Do you think the sales volume will be poor? In short, Samsung’s global market share is still very strong. Even if Huawei’s global sales volume this year may directly exceed Apple’s, it is estimated that it will take some time for Huawei to surpass Samsung. Drunk well business, small to see big, good at thinking, willing to share, more business reviews, industry trend analysis, etc., welcome to pay attention, discuss and communicate together, win-win symbiosis, thank you! Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”