Without Gao Shuaping, he will not suck up the power. HUAWEI P40 will fall below four thousand, and netizens will not be able to wait for Mate40.

I believe many people have seen Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao’s classic sketch. This sketch shows that it is not enough to have the leading role alone, but also to have excellent supporting roles. Huawei P40 is a very excellent “supporting role”, willing to be the green leaf of the “leading role” p40pro. Recently, the price of P40 has fallen. The price of 6GB + 128GB has fallen into 3000 grades. After using coupons, the price is 3888 yuan. < / P > < p > as an entry-level model of Huawei’s P-Series, the P40 has excellent photography strength, with 50 million super sensing Leica cameras in the rear, and supports up to 3 times optical zoom and 30 times digital zoom. However, in order to reflect the advantages of big brother p40pro, the performance of P40 in screen and fast charging is not ideal. Without 90hz high brush, the fast charging is only 22.5w. < p > < p > because of this, the p40pro, which costs more than 2000 yuan, sells better. The cumulative evaluation of p40pro is 27W and that of P40 is 220000. < p > < p > in principle, the entry-level model should be responsible for the sales volume, but judging from the market performance of P40 and p40pro, it is obvious that P40 is only a “supporting role”. If mate40p > is no longer a straight screen, it is no longer a straight surface. The screen will be upgraded to 90hz high refresh rate, and support 40W wired fast charging + 27W wireless fast charging. The price is the same as that of mate305g, or from 4499 yuan. < p > < p > therefore, although P40 has fallen into 3000, it is not very attractive to users. Therefore, some netizens said that it is better to wait for mate40 than to buy P40. Mate40 not only uses 5nm Kirin 9000 chip, its performance has soared by 30-40%, and other aspects have also been greatly improved. What’s more, it’s said that mate40 is ready to make an appointment online. New product launch

Author: zmhuaxia