Without Huawei’s Kirin chip, Qualcomm’s biggest rival is not only MediaTek, but also Samsung

Huawei’s Kirin chip has become a masterpiece. After the use of this generation of 5nm Kirin chips, Huawei is completely faced with the dilemma of no core available. In the past, Huawei’s Kirin chip once became the mobile phone chip with the highest market share in the world, which once pushed Qualcomm out of the king. However, with the fermentation of the ban against Huawei, it is only a matter of time before Qualcomm becomes the number one in mobile phone chips. However, even without Huawei, the pressure from Qualcomm is not small. In this year’s 5g chip market, MediaTek has launched Tianji chips with different market positioning, and has opened the market in China. At the same time, the low-end mobile phone products of Lianke 2000 have been introduced to the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers of Lianfa. At the same time, the low-end mobile phone products of liankefa have been greatly threatened. < / P > < p > although it is still too early to say that MediaTek will surpass Qualcomm, it is undeniable that if it is allowed to continue to make waves in the mainstream market with the largest sales volume, it will be closer to Qualcomm. At the beginning of this year, MediaTek hoped to win more than 30% of the market for 5g mobile phone chips. At present, it is more and more close to reality than just a dream. < / P > < p > at present, in the mobile phone market below 2000 yuan, the Tianji 800 chip of MediaTek occupies an absolute advantage, while Tianji 800u and Tianji 700 chips will provide power for mobile phone manufacturers’ products in the market of less than 1500 yuan or even less than 1000 yuan in the second half of the year. On the other hand, there are no medium and low-end chips that can be sold except for the already released snapdragon 765G. There will be no other mid-range 5g chips until next year, which will undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble for the company to explore the mainstream market. < / P > < p > if there is still something worth talking about, then after Huawei’s Kirin chip was cut off, the high-end flagship chip of the company has no rival for the time being. Although the performance of MediaTek’s Tianji 1000 series is excellent, there is still a certain gap compared with the flagship of Qualcomm snapdragon. At the same time, mobile phone manufacturers only use Tianji 1000 chip in mobile phones with the price below 3000 yuan. However, the situation may change again next year, when Qualcomm will find that in the high-end chip part, even without the threat of Huawei’s Kirin chip, they will still have to face the challenge from Samsung. < p > < p > since the Orion 990 chip, Samsung has not released any new chips. Although Samsung has adopted the Orion 990 chip in some regions in the products of S20 and note20 series, most of them still use the chips of Qualcomm snapdragon 865. Samsung has already announced that it will stop developing its own chips. However, due to Huawei’s withdrawal, only MediaTek is on the market except for Qualcomm. What’s more, in the high-end market, there is only the snapdragon series from Qualcomm, which may give Samsung a new idea. < / P > < p > it is reported that Samsung has cooperated with arm to build a chip based on cortex X1 core. Of course, this is not only a simple matter that arm grants Samsung a license, but also a deep cooperation with Samsung. In this way, if the processor produced by both sides is entrusted to Samsung’s own chip factory, the cost of chip design by Samsung itself will be much lower than that of Samsung’s own independent chip design. < / P > < p > as for Samsung’s chip cooperating with arm, it should be the second processor using cortex X1 in the public information at present. Previously, it has been revealed by Qualcomm snapdragon 875 that cortex X1 architecture will be used. Cortex X1 architecture announced in May this year that its peak performance is 30% higher than that of cortex a77, and its single thread performance is also improved by 22% compared with the latest arm cortex A78. And this core architecture allows manufacturers to design highly customized, so Samsung can add a lot of its own ideas and designs. < / P > < p > in addition, we also know that in this chip of Samsung, GPU will cooperate with AMD to solve the biggest problem of GPU performance deficiency of Orion chip in the past by using AMD’s redeon graphics core, and at the same time, it can also help to solve the problem of GPU heating in Samsung’s previous chips. No accident, next year Samsung Orion new chip, we will be able to see AMD’s GPU. According to the previous information, in addition to cooperating with arm and AMD, Samsung is also cooperating with Google to develop a new ISP to improve the quality of mobile phone photo taking. It can be said that this new Orion chip is a big success of the four major manufacturers, and Google’s son pixel series mobile phones and tablets will also use this chip. < / P > < p > it is no exaggeration to say that Samsung’s new Orion chips are certainly very competitive in the high-end market. Moreover, compared with Qualcomm, Samsung’s chips do not have excessive licensing fees, and the purchase cost is lower than that of Qualcomm. In addition to Samsung, Google will certainly adopt this chip, which will bring a lot of pressure to Qualcomm. < / P > < p > at present, Qualcomm has felt a huge threat from MediaTek in the low-end market. If the high-end market can not be maintained any more, it is difficult to say what the future of Qualcomm will be. Although patent licensing accounts for more than half of the profits of Qualcomm, a manufacturer only relying on protection fees will not go far. Therefore, under the dual pressure of MediaTek and Samsung next year, whether or not Qualcomm can make a breakthrough in chip is the key to whether it can continue to dominate the mobile chip market! American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?