Women just bought a mobile phone forgotten platform, police video splicing tracking to find lost property

Chutian Metropolis Daily on August 24 (reporter Li Qing, correspondent Zhang Zuhua) Huang Hao) a woman just bought a mobile phone that has not been opened. When waiting for the train on the subway platform, she conveniently put the paper bag containing the mobile phone on the stool. After the train arrived at the station, she was anxious to get on the train and forgot the paper bag containing the mobile phone. After police relay and patching up the video carefully, she finally found the person who picked up the mobile phone and tried to contact him, and finally returned it to its original owner. At noon on August 18, Ms. Chen bought her family a mobile phone worth more than 4000 yuan. She took line 6 on Dazhi road in Hankou to go home. While waiting on the platform, Ms. Chen conveniently put the bag containing the new mobile phone on her seat. At this time, the train arrived at the station. In order to grab a seat, Ms. Chen quickly got on the train. After she got into the car, she found that she had forgotten to take the mobile phone, so she went to the next one Stop immediately get off and return to look for. Ms. Chen went to the police room for help. < p > < p > the police of laoguancun police station Huang Min and Yang Mingliang watched the surveillance video and found that shortly after Ms. Chen got on the bus, an old man in striped short sleeves picked up his mobile phone and drove away. By watching the surveillance video, the police tracked the old man’s car track, locked the old man who picked up the mobile phone, and contacted the old man. The old man immediately admitted that he had picked up the mobile phone and kept it at home without opening it. Therefore, the police and the old man agreed that at 13:00 on August 21, the old man would return his mobile phone to the police room of Lanjiang Road station. On the morning of August 22, Ms. Chen arrived at the laoguancun police station of the railway branch to collect the lost mobile phone. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865