Women suffering from rare diseases can not see the sun, 20 years can only wear a “space helmet” out

A woman in Morocco has a rare disease and is seriously allergic to ultraviolet light. For more than 20 years, she had to wear a special “space helmet” when she went out.

according to London, Fatima, 28, was diagnosed with xeroderma pigmentosum when she was 2 years old. Pigmented dry skin disease is an autosomal recessive dermatosis with an incidence rate of about 1:25 million, which is characterized by DNA damage after UV irradiation. The patients were highly sensitive to sunlight and had photophobia.

Fatima is more prone to sunburn and a higher risk of skin or eye cancer than others. Even in mild or cloudy weather, she can be in danger. In order to adapt to this situation, Fatima tends to be active at night. “I rarely go out during the day, and if I have to go out, I wear my NASA helmet and gloves to protect myself from the sun. My work and rest are different from others. I am at home during the day and start at night. ”

Fatima needs to apply spf90 sunscreen every hour, and her windows are equipped with special UV filters. Fatima had to stop school at the age of 13 because of her health.

it is reported that there is no known treatment for xeroderma pigmentosum. According to the UK national health service, only 70% of patients in the UK live beyond 40 years of age.

Fatima hopes to show other patients that they can still live a full life by sharing her story. “I’m very optimistic, so I believe I can inspire a lot of people to deal with this disease. I want to tell people that no matter what happens, we should live every day as the last. Life is short and people should live a full life. “

Author: zmhuaxia