Wonderful wide angle: patent exposure of Xiaomi mobile rear camera module

In recent years, in order to improve the shooting experience of smart phones in a variety of scenes, mobile phone manufacturers are scrambling to pile up more cameras. Post dual photography is not a new thing. Three photography and four photography have become a trend. In addition to the main camera, there are ultra wide angle, high power zoom, micro distance and other sensors. Interestingly, a new patent of Xiaomi, exposed by the Dutch technology blog letsgodigital, has come up with another way to improve the photo taking function, that is, to allow the rear dual camera to move within a certain range. < / P > < p > earlier, letsgodigital reported Xiaomi’s patent for a large rear mounted AI super zoom camera. However, the “mobile camera module” recently exposed focuses on a wider perspective and high-quality photos without distortion. In October 2019, Xiaomi applied to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office for a utility model patent on “camera module and terminal”, which was published in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization on July 30, 2020. However, in the newly applied patent for terminal assembly, Xiaomi describes in detail how to apply this new technology for shooting on smart phones. < / P > < p > it is reported that the two cameras can simultaneously deflect a certain angle from each other, thus effectively expanding the viewing angle. In this way, a higher quality wide-angle image can be captured without using a wide-angle lens. In addition, Xiaomi also mentioned that continuous multi frame images can be captured in image and video mode, so as to achieve smoother dynamic image acquisition without manual movement of the photographer. < / P > < p > of course, in addition to horizontal layout, this technology is also suitable for vertical use scenarios. As for which new product millet will take the lead, it still remains to be tested. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!