Worried? Huawei mobile phone may be delisted due to chip, who is carving up the huge cake?

They are all businessmen, and they certainly don’t pay so much attention to their interests. Although Huawei’s mobile phones have not been delisted from the market, they are still under discussion. Many insiders say that Huawei’s mobile phone market has begun to be divided up. < p > < p > less than a week after the ban came into effect in China M, Huawei also released a news about Hongmeng yesterday, and it is expected that mobile phones will fully support Hongmeng next year, but it is also reported that Huawei is now urgently hoarding chips in order to live a good winter; After all, after September, Huawei will not be able to purchase or contract other companies to manufacture chips. The Kirin chip, which is comparable to that of Huawei’s self-developed Kirin chip, will become the best. However, it is revealed that Huawei is not only in a shortage of chips, but also that Samsung, Hynix, LG and other enterprises will stop supplying storage devices and screens to China, which is undoubtedly adding to the problem. < p > < p > experts in the industry, including Guo Mingzhen, believe that if Huawei can’t find a chip breakthrough, Huawei’s sales may drop by 70% next year, and even face the possibility of delisting. < / P > < p > recently, Huawei’s mobile phone prices in many regions have begun to rise, mainly in mate series and P series, and even appear & quot; subject to the current day price & quot; Later, Huawei’s offline stores said that they didn’t receive the price increase notice from the headquarters, but just cancelled some previous activities, with the amount of about 100-200. These price increases were caused by the middlemen;. However, it is also reflected from the side that many people have the idea of “out of print Huawei” and “save a Huawei mobile phone”. This is understandable, because many people think that saving a Huawei mobile phone can be regarded as supporting Huawei. After Huawei’s three or five years and the rise of China chip, Huawei will meet its glory again. < / P > < p > some netizens found that Samsung, which had previously removed its factory, has now returned. Moreover, it has contracted a well-known media to publicize its new products. He also said frankly that it should strive to be an enterprise that Chinese people like and make its own contribution to the society. Let’s not say how Samsung will develop in the future, but this goal seems too obvious, and some netizens have disclosed that Samsung has raised its target of shipping volume in 2021 to 300 million units, an increase of 15%. In addition to Samsung, Xiaomi and oppo have been developing rapidly in recent years, and they have also focused on Huawei’s overseas headquarters in Europe. It is reported that Xiaomi has become the brand with the largest share in many European countries, and oppo is also actively opening exclusive stores in Europe. < / P > < p > What about China? To tell you the truth, most of Xiaomi is online. Looking at the offline, oppo and vivo have more than 400000 retail stores in China, and this competitiveness is no one. < p > < p > if we look at it rationally, the essence of businessmen is to do business. In business speaking, they can explain to shareholders in terms of revenue and profits. However, they are also very careful in marketing and are worried about arousing dissatisfaction. < p > < p > < p > & quot; Jiangdong’s disciples are still here, and they are making a comeback. Although Huawei is facing great difficulties now, Huawei is actively coping with them, such as Hongmeng system coming online soon and & quot; Nanniwan & quot; The plan has been launched, and China chip has also attracted attention in China. The country and manufacturers are actively developing. I believe Huawei will be able to break through the tight encirclement and create another brilliant future. The temporary difficulties are not difficult. Huawei, hold on! Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine