Worthy of being a new generation of self timer! Vivo S7 brings clarity and texture

Young men and girls who are keen on taking selfies should note that there is a mobile phone with the main function of selfie on the market recently, which has a high degree of attention. It is the frivolous selfie flagship, vivo S7. Since it was officially launched on August 8, it has been selling well online and offline. The reason is that the self timer function is so powerful that it immediately catches the hearts of young users, especially female users, who love to take selfies. Users who have experienced the front selfie of vivo S7 off-line shop are flattered on the spot by its ultra-high pixel, texture beauty, auto focus, super wide angle self-image and other functions. < / P > < p > in front of the screen, you may wonder that the front selfie of vivo S7 is so powerful? I said yes, you may be skeptical, but if I show you the vivo S7 front-end and straight out self-image sample, the credibility will be greatly improved. The following self portraits are all taken by vivo S7 front lens. After reading, you will find that vivo S7 is worthy of being hailed as the new generation of self timer benchmark 5g mobile phone. < / P > < p > the following self portrait gives people the first impression that the quality of the picture is clear. The original camera self timer can output high-definition pixels, which is also unmatched by other beauty camera apps. As shown in the figure, the characters have prominent facial features, clear contrast between light and shade on the face, and clear hair and eyelashes. This is because this self portrait has super high resolution, so we can see so many rich details. < / P > < p > vivo S7’s excellent self shooting performance is based on strong camera hardware. As the main self timer, vivo S7 is unique in polishing the front camera module. The main camera is currently the highest specification in the industry, reaching 44 million pixels, which lays a solid foundation for the HD output of selfie. In addition, the main camera can achieve such a strong analytical power because it is equipped with a 1 / 2.65 inch GH1 mobile image sensor, which can capture more light and make the image stable and clear. < / P > < p > vivo S7 has a 44 megapixel front main camera, supplemented by 105 ° super wide angle auxiliary camera, which makes the front self timer more and more fresh. For example, if you want to put the beautiful scenery behind you into the frame when you take a single self portrait, the ordinary shooting mode will only show the effect of “big head doll”, not to mention recording the beautiful scenery behind you. < / P > < p > however, the vivo S7 is equipped with a 105 ° ultra wide angle lens at the front, which is twice the range of a normal 78 ° lens. Use this super wide angle lens to shoot yourself, whether it’s a single self shot, want to store the beautiful scenery behind you, or many people take a group photo “one can’t be less”, can perfectly achieve the effect you want. < / P > < p > with the gradual enrichment and improvement of the mobile phone self shooting function, night shooting scenes of course also need to be considered, and still focus on the object. After all, at present, young people’s home is generally given to the night, and the phenomenon of night scene selfie is becoming more and more common. As early as vivo S7 came out, its previous generation of vivo S6 soft light night scene self shot was widely praised, which solved the pain points of night shooting for users. In vivo S7, night scene self timer mode is upgraded again, bringing a new super night scene self timer 2.0. < / P > < p > as shown in the contrast picture above, the picture is dim, the main body of the character is not prominent, and the delicate facial features are not fully displayed when using the ordinary photography mode in weak light environment. But after turning on the super night scene selfie mode, the face of the characters is instantly lit up, and there is a look between the eyebrows. And the picture is not troubled by noise, the whole picture is clear and bright. First, the foundation is improved. Using raw domain noise reduction and exposure repair algorithm, through reducing noise, increasing the exposure level, increasing the details of the face under the night scene, improving the effect of night scene input; < / P > < p > Second, intelligent repair. In the dark environment, it can be enhanced automatically in the dark environment S7 brings ultra high definition self timer pixels, while beauty algorithm is constantly iterative, only to adapt to the current new trend and create a unique self portrait for young users. Today, the texture beauty carried by vivo S7 has been upgraded to the third generation, becoming super texture beauty 3.0. The beauty algorithm has been upgraded to improve skin quality, skin color, beauty type and make-up. < / P > < p > in order to meet the current popular trend of self portrait, vivo S7 also has multi style 3.0, adding three styles of holiday, Rococo and 1980s. Users can also synchronize these styles into video recording to realize the personalization of video recording. < / P > < p > vivo S7 supports 4K video shooting before and after, and supports superimposed beauty effect under the condition of 4K / 30fps, making you more moving. < / P > < p > as a self portrait benchmark in the current market, vivo S7 front can output ultra high definition pixel self portrait, and then match with real texture beauty. With vivo S7 self portrait, the photos are clear and natural, and the effect is very good. In addition, in 4K video recording mode, it also supports beautification without dynamic pressure. At the same time, the thickness of vivo S7 is only 7.39mm, and the weight is controlled at 170g. With such a light and thin body, I am not afraid of finger pain caused by long-time selfie. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine