Would you buy an iPhone 12 without a charger and shrinking battery? I can’t!

The first batch of iPhone 12 models are only 5.4-inch iPhone 12mini and 6.1-inch iPhone 12, which means that only these two models can be purchased in the early stage. If you want a high-level version of pro, it is expected to be in November. This year, the thickness of the iPhone 12 series has become thinner, just 7.4mm, which means they will feel better. You can also see the size of the iPhone 12 Pro max, which will be the largest iPhone in history, not only with the largest screen size, but also with the largest body size. In terms of appearance, the iPhone 12 series adopts the model of bangs full screen + glass body + aluminum alloy middle frame, and the surrounding border is narrowed. In terms of hardware, the whole series of iphone12 series is equipped with apple A14 processor built by 5nm technology, with running points between 600000 and 650000. The performance and power consumption control are in the top level of the industry. With the support of closed ios14 system, the IP The fluency of the iPhone 12 series is worth looking forward to. < / P > < p > in terms of photography, the iPhone 12 series has been significantly upgraded compared with the previous generation. In addition to the obvious improvement of the main camera sensor, the software level is also improved, and the imaging quality has reached the first-class level in the industry Max two models are equipped with a LiDAR radar sensor under the combination of the rear AI three camera.

12 will also make complaints about the battery capacity. Apple’s 12 standard version of the 5.4 inch battery capacity is about 2227 Ma, while the standard battery capacity of iphone11 can reach 3110 ma. If the battery capacity has been reduced, coupled with no charger, I don’t know what kind of intention cook is. < / P > < p > the price of the iPhone 12 starts at $649, which is $50 less than the price of the iPhone 11. But if you buy all the chargers and headphones that were originally included, the overall price of the iPhone 12 is almost the same as that of the iPhone 11. If you want to support a wave of 20W chargers, Apple will probably make a small profit. Whether apple comes with a charger or not, there’s plenty of incentive for apple to buy this year’s iPhone 12 series. “The first 5g Series in the history of iPhone”, “may be the first high screen series in the history of iPhone”, “may be the first small screen full screen series in the history of iPhone”… But most importantly, it may be the most expensive series in the history of iPhone. < / P > < p > the reason why Apple dare to do this is because Apple has a huge user group. Relying on the ecosystem built up by apple for many years and the increasingly humanized IOS operating system, it has cultivated a large number of users with high stickiness. These users have high loyalty and are not easy to switch to Android or other mobile phone camps. Now, Apple has cut off its own charging head, which will hurt the feelings of some Apple fans. How would you feel if you bought an Apple phone and had to buy a quick charge charger that wasn’t very cheap for charging? < / P > < p > during this period, the news of iphone12 series came out again. The four major series were renamed as iphone12 mini, iphone12, iphone12 pro, and iphone12 max. at the same time, the iPhone 12 Mini was reduced to 4G version. At the same time, some configurations were reduced. This may be unacceptable. Therefore, some netizens lamented: the longer the time, the more obvious the disadvantages of “perfect” iPhone 12, and the configuration is more and more “pit”. Would you buy an iPhone 12 without a charger and shrinking battery? I won’t! 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!