Written before the opening of “let PS go down from the altar”

First of all, I’m not a God. I’m just an ordinary photographer. After shooting outside, I like to use PS software on my computer to decorate my photos of scenery and people.

in our daily communication with photography lovers, we found that we were puzzled why the color of other people’s photos was restored so well, so close to the natural color, and the sense of hierarchy was so good, but our own photos were gray and not transparent at all.

it is found that many photographers don’t understand. After taking digital photos, they still need to have PS software for post adjustment, let alone how to make correct post adjustment.

if you read this article, I believe you must be interested in the later stage. Therefore, liking the later stage is the first motivation for learning later stage. If you don’t like it, you won’t read it, so we won’t talk about interest.

it is very important to have a correct attitude towards the later stage. First of all, you should understand that the later stage is not omnipotent! No matter how fierce the later stage, I’m afraid it’s difficult to turn a waste film into an excellent photographic work. You can’t expect that no matter how many problems you have in the early stage of shooting, you can solve them later.

therefore, when shooting and making the content in the early stage, we should put a lot of energy on the early stage, which can greatly save the later stage time. For example, when shooting, pay attention to the light in the early stage, adjust the appropriate exposure, set the correct white balance, and pay attention to the surroundings when composing the picture to see if there are some elements that should not appear in the lens, which can effectively save the post production time.

in addition to those who believe that everything can be late, there is another kind of person, that is, blindly excluding any later period. These people think that if you make a little change to a picture, you change the reality that the human eye sees.

we have had a special article on this topic before. In today’s era of advanced technology, if you still have such an understanding, it seems a bit stubborn.

when your camera draws pictures, your camera has already done a lot of post-processing on the photos, and there are few means you can control for these post-processing. If every camera is straight out, it can restore the reality that the human eye can see. Why do manufacturers such as Leica, Sony, even Huawei, apple and Xiaomi always emphasize how beautiful their photos are when they launch new cameras or mobile phones.

in fact, these cameras, mobile phones and programs all deal with a lot of photos. These differences are reflected in different program algorithms. So don’t blindly exclude the later stage, think that to change the picture is against the reality.

so to sum up, my point of view is to hope that you can maintain a passion for hobbies and have a correct understanding of the later stage. Neither deify it blindly, nor reject it blindly. Existence is reasonable.

just because post-processing plays an important role in photography, and many friends do not know post-processing technology, so in their spare time, we do some examples and small tutorials, so that we can gradually understand the power of this software and the importance of our own photographic works.

after a period of writing and publishing, I have been encouraged and supported by many friends. Thank you very much. Due to the scattered and unsystematic tutorials published before, many friends suggested that I should make a column to systematically do the tutorials from easy to difficult. It happened that baijiahao opened the column function for me, so I reorganized the text and materials, and planned to create a column with about 50 chapters. In the post-processing of each example, familiar with the use of tools and the principle of various adjustment functions. The column

is called. This name is not for sensationalism, but because many friends who don’t understand PS always feel that the software is too professional, difficult to learn and operate, and it looks very tall. In addition, there are too many professional terms in all kinds of PS courses, which are very obscure and difficult to understand, leading to many readers’ fear. In fact, it is not so. PS is not mysterious at all. As long as you want to learn, there is nothing hard to live by yourself.

this course starts from scratch. In the process of learning PS, I hated those obscure professional terms in writing. As a layman, it is difficult to understand the true meaning of these professional terms. Therefore, in the future course, I will translate all kinds of professional terms into the most commonly used language of common people to explain to you, only speaking big Vernacular is designed to make it easier for friends to understand and accept.

Photoshop is an image processing software developed by the famous American Adobe company. It is called PS for short. It is the most powerful and comprehensive image processing software in the world. Photoshop translated into Chinese is the meaning of photo studio.

in fact, the power of Photoshop is beyond our imagination. It can be found in all fields of life. From the world famous product advertisement, to the promotion poster in the supermarket, all kinds of picture book printed matter, website design, icon design, artistic font, painting, architectural effect drawing, etc., are all designed and produced by PS. in fact, PS involves far more fields.

among the above functions, we choose the application of PS in photography. Learn to use PS software, let us take photos more beautiful, more close to the photographer’s creative mood, is an important course we talk about.

if you want to learn PS technology, you must have a software first. This year Adobe company has launched PS cc2020 version, and its functions have been enhanced a lot. There are many harmonious versions on the Internet. If any reader can’t find it, please contact me by private message.

these are the foreword. The next section introduces the PS interface and setting software. Since we start from scratch, let’s talk about it thoroughly and bit by bit. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia