Wu Enla’s Soul: what is the most urgent problem of Ai Community?

Recently, Wu Enda asked: what is the most urgent problem in AI community? Netizens have given their own answers. Wu believes that the most important thing is to make clear what values the AI community shares. What’s your opinion on this? Wu Enla also shared his views on this issue. He believes that the most important problem to be solved urgently is to “first of all, clarify the common position of the Ai Community”. < / P > < p > last month, reddit’s post on the “eight sins” of machine learning community caused heated discussion. It summarized the problems existing in the current machine learning community, such as peer review, worship, academic criticism, and mechanical publication of papers. < p > < p > Turing Award winner and artificial intelligence leader Yann Lecun A pulse algorithm, which led to the release, was suspected of “racial discrimination” and was attacked by people in the machine learning community. < / P > < p > this exposed the bias of the data in the machine learning community on black and female groups. At the same time, some academic institutions also took actions in succession. For example, MIT announced that it had permanently deleted tiny containing 80 million images Images data set, due to the existence of racial discrimination and gender discrimination and other issues, and publicly apologized. < / P > < p > although the AI community is making changes to its own problems, what are the most urgent problems to be solved? Everyone expressed their views from different angles. Generally speaking, the most urgent problems in the field of artificial intelligence are to eliminate prejudice, new coronavirus, false news, ethics and climate change. In his opinion, “each of us plays a role in the community, and few of us succeed on our own, which is the importance of the community. “< / P > < p > he cited two classic examples. Giving priority to the health of patients is a shared value in the medical community. There is also a common value in academic circles, that is to be a seeker and disseminator of knowledge. The same is true in other areas. “We may share many goals in the AI community, but if we want to be a more effective community, the first step is to unite the values that all of us support,” Wu said. I believe that if we do this, we can solve bigger problems with a greater chance of success. “After in-depth analysis, Wu Enda believes that if we want to solve the most urgent problems of AI community, we should first find out what kind of values the AI community shares. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing