Wu Yi, chairman of 4K Garden: 5g + UHD will bring revolution of e-commerce live broadcasting

It was reported on November 3 that Wu Yi, chairman of 4K garden, delivered a speech at the 2020 world UHD video industry development conference a few days ago. He analyzed the industry trend from the perspective of new opportunities brought by 5g era, saying that 5g + UHD will bring revolution of e-commerce live broadcasting. < / P > < p > he believes that UHD video RBT will become a popular product of 5g mobile terminal, and also an innovative application of mobile terminal. 5g + UHD will bring revolution of e-commerce live broadcasting, and e-commerce live broadcasting platform will realize comprehensive upgrading. At the same time, the 5g era UHD will also bring great innovation in the field of radio and television production. With the help of 5g transmission and cloud platform capabilities, remote interaction and multi-point collaboration can be realized, and the free combination of team and system configuration will greatly improve the production efficiency. Wu Yi said, “with the popularization of 5g, the ultra high definition audio and video industry has accelerated its landing, and the entire industry chain has ushered in new opportunities and new changes. China is the world leader in the field of 5g + UHD. 5g UHD will change the world, and 4K garden and the entire industrial chain will also continue to evolve.” At the same time, Wu Yi introduced that with the super video app application function independently developed by 4K garden, users can not only watch the live content with top picture quality on the mobile terminal, but also zoom in on any part of the screen, so as to easily get the detailed experience of high-quality products. The launch of this whole set of solutions will bring the users immersive and closest to the line At the same time, it will further promote the demand of high-end commercial field for live broadcast with goods upgrade experience. < / P > < p > in addition, 4K garden also shows the UHD multi view live broadcasting scheme adopted in many large-scale live broadcasting, and provides complete UHD multi view live broadcasting production technology. With the help of 5g broadband transmission technology and ultra high definition live broadcasting technology, 4K level live broadcast pictures are provided for the audience’s 5g terminal. < p > < p > Wu Yi said that multi screen interaction, free perspective, VR and other applications will enable the audience to change from passive acceptance to active interaction, giving the right to choose back to the audience, so that they can obtain the content they want to see more freely, subjectively and efficiently. This is exactly the direction that the entire audio-visual industry is actively exploring. We also hope to cooperate with more partners to jointly promote the application and development of 5g + UHD technology in more projects. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865