Xbox can solve the problem of ps5

As for the final design of the ps5, Spencer said he was particularly sympathetic to Sony’s engineering team’s efforts and difficulties in building the final product. Spencer pointed out that it is very difficult to do heat dissipation design, power consumption control and energy efficiency allocation on this generation of mainframe. Both CPU and GPU are particularly powerful computer level components. < / P > < p > for the final selection of the Xbox series X similar to the itx machine, Spencer believes that the advantage of this is that the fan diameter can be increased, so that the heat dissipation does not need to rotate so fast to ensure that there is no harsh noise. Spencer also mentioned an interesting data: the GPU of xsx has 52 groups of Cu with a frequency of 1.825ghz, and the ps5 has 36 groups of Cu, but the frequency is as high as 2.23ghz. He revealed that higher frequency means more heat. However, he changed the tone and stressed that this was certainly not a problem for Sony. He respected the Sony team and liked the design of the ps5. It’s just that the two companies have made different choices in how to keep the new generation of mainframe cool. < / P > < p > according to foreign media reports, in the latest edition of the basmen radio arcade podcast, Jeff Grubb revealed that quite a number of developers pointed out that due to the hardware setting of ps5 variable frequency, the development matching was not good, and they warned players that they might be disappointed with the experience of some games. < / P > < p > developers blame the problem on the AMD smartshift technology that ps5 relies on. According to AMD, smartshift technology can dynamically allocate system power. Whether playing games, editing videos, rendering 3D effects, creating content or working efficiently, it can improve the processing performance of notebook at any time, up to 14% additional performance improvement. < / P > < p > in addition, the notebook supporting AMD smartshift implements a hardware enhanced interface between the processor and the graphics card, which can automatically improve the performance when the workload needs it through machine learning algorithm. The interface links the general infinity control architecture modules together, so that CPU and GPU can respond quickly to different workload. Dusk Golem, another source who often gives reliable information about kapukong games, also points out that it is difficult to achieve true 4K on ps5, and fake 4K may flood the screen, but Xbox series X does not have these problems. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!