Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition of bright silver picture: pay tribute to classics and face the future

On the occasion of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, Lei Jun has brought us many products, among which the most striking one is the supreme commemorative version of Xiaomi 10. Inside the box, there is a line of words like this: This is our proudest work, ultra-long zoom breaking through the limit, second charging technology with refreshing speed, professional screen shocking the senses, and countless innovative experiences. < / P > < p > in this 10th anniversary, the three colors of Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative edition have the historical characteristics of millet, one is ceramic black, the other is transparent version, and we get bright silver. Those who didn’t buy Xiaomi 6 bright silver exploration version, now your chance comes. < / P > < p > the name of this mobile phone is Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, so its shape is naturally similar to Xiaomi 10 series. Due to the innovation of the image module, the camera module of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version has changed from the “exclamation mark” shape to a complete rectangular vertical arrangement, and the periscope telephoto lens is stressed by chrome plating, which makes the whole module reflect a high-level sense. < / P > < p > from top to bottom are 48 megapixel periscope 5x telephoto, 48 million pixel main camera, 12 million pixel portrait lens and 20 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, which is absolutely luxurious. < / P > < p > as for the screen on the front of the mobile phone, it is also 6.67 inches, but compared with Xiaomi 10 pro, it is not sure where it is. The refresh rate is upgraded to 120Hz, the touch sampling rate is 240Hz, and even supports the inserting frame of MEMC picture. Officially, it’s also a native screen with 10bit color depth display, with jncd < 0.63 and excellent quality. < / P > < p > in addition to the best looking Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi mobile phone with the strongest photo taking, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is still the fastest charging mobile phone. The cable charging power is increased to 120W, and it takes only 23 minutes to fill the 4500mAh battery. In addition, it also supports 50W wireless second charging and 10W wireless reverse charging. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia