Xiaomi 10 supreme evaluation: 120W fast charging 120x zoom Hz refresh equal to% flagship experience

Last week, Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, gave a long speech to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand. In addition to looking back on its journey over the past 10 years, Xiaomi has launched many products to celebrate its 10th anniversary, including Xiaomi 10 supreme, redmi K30 supreme and millet transparent TV. Today we begin to evaluate the supreme version of Xiaomi 10. It’s the most powerful Xiaomi phone on the market, let’s see if it meets its “strongest” reputation. < / P > < p > our supreme version of Xiaomi 10 is a transparent version, which is one of the most special designs of all Xiaomi mobile phones. From the transparent cover, we can see the 50W wireless charging sensor and NFC sensor. In addition to these two main components, the internal structure is still covered by a protective layer. You can also see the 10th anniversary sticker on the back. < / P > < p > compared with Xiaomi 10 pro, the supreme version makes up for almost all shortcomings. Not satisfied with the display of Xiaomi 10 pro? Now you can have a 120Hz AMOLED display with better colors on the premium edition. Is 50W wireless charging not fast enough? Now, you can charge up to 120W of cable fast to fully charge your premium edition in 23 minutes. Are you satisfied with the camera performance of pro? Now, the new camera configuration of the supreme edition is better than that of the pro! < / P > < p > in addition to these improvements, the premium edition retains all the outstanding features of pro, such as excellent dual stereo speakers and excellent performance. However, we found new shortcomings in the supreme edition. It is not as comfortable as Xiaomi 10 and pro. The weight of 223 grams and the thickness of 9.5mm make it one of those bulky flagship products. Otherwise, up to now, the experience of Xiaomi 10’s supreme edition is very good. < / P > < p > let’s take a closer look at its improved display. Although the supreme display panel is no longer provided by the famous supplier Samsung, it still gets 10 bit color output and 120Hz refresh rate improvement at the same level of color accuracy. < / P > < p > as we have observed, the new monitor uses the same delta layout as the Xiaomi 10 monitor, which is considered to be one of the best pixel arrangements for smart phone displays. You can also get a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The higher refresh rate not only provides system fluency and smoother game experience, but also provides better viewing experience when watching 120Hz professional video without frame loss. < / P > < p > unfortunately, for low frame rate video playback, we did not find any frame interpolation solution because the MEMC solution on Xiaomi 10 premium is similar to the one seen on oneplus 8 pro. In terms of the game, the performance improvement is obvious due to the higher refresh rate and higher display sampling rate. Finally, the excess performance of snapdragon 865 CPU is fully utilized. < / P > < p > now, let’s check the super charging technology on your phone before moving to other areas. The attached charger is the first charger to achieve a charging efficiency of more than 100W. When the charging cable is connected, the charging animation shows the visible charging rate that we have never seen before. It’s crazy to get 50% of its 4500mAh battery in nine minutes; the full charge test is done in 24 minutes. < / P > < p > in 120Hz display mode, we watched the video for two hours, and then spent another hour testing battery life on social media applications. The ultimate version of Xiaomi 10 has 77% power left. Then, the game consumed 35% of its power in two hours. The overall battery life is quite good, it should be enough for a day’s use. < / P > < p > as for performance, according to the benchmark application, it is not much different from what we get on millet and pro. So let’s continue testing the game. Among the peace elites, although we have unlocked the frame rate of 120fps, Xiaomi 10 supreme still runs the game at 120fps for a period of time, and then automatically drops to 60fps. It may be that the phone detected a heating problem and tried to reset the frame rate to a more stable state. The average frame rate of peace elite is still 76.9fps, which is not a good result for mobile phones running snapdragon 865. However, it is not a problem to run the peace elite at a steady speed of 60fps for the supreme version of Xiaomi 10. < / P > < p > then we decided to run the Nimian legend of the bright mountains as a stress test. Unfortunately, due to the frame rate locking problem, the average frame rate of Xiaomi 10 supreme is only 57.4 FPS. As a result, in some games, Xiaomi 10 supreme seems unable to release the full potential of the 865 chipset and 120Hz display. < / P > < p > the highlight of Xiaomi 10 supreme edition is the new camera setting with 120x digital zoom capability. The top camera sensor is a long focus camera, with 5 times optical zoom and up to 120 times digital zoom assisted by OIS. The second is a portrait camera with 2x optical zoom. The third sensor is the main camera. The last one is a 128 degree ultra wide angle camera, which is probably the largest wide-angle lens we see on a smartphone camera. < / P > < p > let’s take a look at their samples. The main camera is one of the best cameras we’ve ever experienced, especially because it really retains the rich details of ultra-high dynamic range and bright to dark areas of correct exposure. Compared with the 108mp sensor of Xiaomi 10, the new 48mp sensor of the supreme version of Xiaomi 10 also has good clarity and excellent texture. At the same time, when we turn on HDR, the color is also impressive. < / P > < p > the portrait camera also brings obvious improvement. The effect of scattered scenery is very smooth and natural. When dealing with relatively simple background and edge, the object edge detection is very accurate. Even so, you may find some unnatural blurring when we take pictures in complex lighting conditions. But this is not a serious problem. < / P > < p > 128 degree wide angle camera samples have excellent color and good dynamic range. Unlike most Android phones, Xiaomi 10’s premium wide-angle camera is more practical because of its high definition and clarity. A small problem with wide-angle samples is lens distortion. We’re not surprised because they have a fairly wide viewing angle and may have edge distortion. But I have to say that in most cases, the white balance of the wide-angle sample is similar to that of the main camera sample. Moreover, due to the large f / 2.2 aperture, the wide-angle camera still performs well under weak light conditions. A small problem with the sensor of the main camera is focus detection. In very few cases, the camera can not focus quickly and automatically, sometimes even can not focus. < / P > < p > both the main sensor and the ultra wide angle sensor perform well at night, especially in night mode. It not only has brighter and clearer images than normal mode, but also can manage exposure well. Night mode retains rich details for both sensors for greater dynamic range. At the same time, the noise control is perfect. I can easily say that the night camera performance of Xiaomi 10 supreme is the best on the market. As for the long focus camera, although we have to appreciate Xiaomi’s innovation, 120 times zoom is not really useful. For now, at least, it doesn’t add much value, like a 10-year-old promotion. But conventional 5-fold and 10-fold sampling looks as good as its predecessor. < / P > < p > that’s it. There is no doubt that Xiaomi 10 supreme is the best Xiaomi smartphone product in 2020. With the release of the supreme version of Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi is trying to convey the message that a 10-year-old brand has the ability to develop extremely high-quality and advanced smartphones on Android 10. It is also worth mentioning that Xiaomi 10 supreme is now in the DxOMark top-level camera phone. Millet series is no longer the basic cost-effective flagship products. Xiaomi 10 supreme is a typical example of how Xiaomi produces super high-end mobile phones for the super high-end market. In fact, you get 120% value for money from millet. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine