Xiaomi 10tpro mobile phone screen supports seven frame rates: 3048506090120144hz

On the evening of September 30, Xiaomi mobile phone released Xiaomi 10t and Xiaomi 10t Pro mobile phones overseas, equipped with snapdragon 865 processor. This is the first millet mobile phone with 144hz display screen, and the refresh rate is adaptive, as low as 30Hz. There are also intermediate modes, such as movie 48Hz, ordinary video 60Hz, 90hz and 120Hz. Zeng Xuezhong, President of Xiaomi’s mobile phone division, said that Xiaomi 10t has achieved 30 / 48 / 50 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 144hz with seven frame rates of high and low. What’s the use of 30Hz? What’s the use of 48Hz? I also explained it to you. < / P > < p > the it home learned that the screen refresh rate is closely related to the sense of fluency. The screen refresh rate of Xiaomi 10t is as high as 144hz. On this basis, the industry pioneered 7 levels of 30-144hz adaptive dynamic frame rate, which realized the accurate matching of various display contents, ensured the extremely smooth display effect in each scene, and effectively enhanced the whole machine’s endurance performance. < / P > < p > the screen refresh rate of conventional mobile phones remains unchanged, while the frame rates of content sources to be displayed by mobile phones are various: movies, TV dramas, online videos and games are all different. The frame rate of TV series is 25FPS. If the screen is displayed at a fixed refresh rate of 60Hz, the screen refresh rate does not match the content frame rate, resulting in picture jitter. < / P > < p > causes picture jitter because the 25FPS TV series displays 25 frames per second, while the screen is fixed at 60Hz, that is, it displays 60 frames per second. In this way, the display terminal and the content source are misplaced and cannot be displayed one by one. Before the screen displays the next frame, the mobile phone does not transmit the new picture content to the screen, so it can only display the previous frame repeatedly, making the video frame and screen frame appear dislocation. < / P > < p > therefore, when the 60Hz screen displays 25FPS video, the display time of the previous frame is 2 / 60 seconds, and that of the next frame is 3 / 60 seconds, which causes the picture jitter. < / P > < p > to avoid picture jitter, it is necessary to make the frame rate of content match the refresh rate of screen strictly, so that each frame of video corresponds to each frame displayed one by one. For example, playing 25FPS video with 25Hz screen can realize the whole process smoothly. However, the screen refresh rate can not be set too low, so the “double display” method is often used to achieve the purpose of aligning video frames with screen frames. That is, 24fps video is displayed with 48Hz refresh rate, 25FPS video is displayed with 50Hz refresh rate. Although each frame appears repeated display, the display time of each frame is the same, so the viewing effect is still smooth. Xiaomi’s self-developed adaptive dynamic frame rate technology provides a total of 7 gears of 30 / 48 / 50 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 144, realizing full coverage of various frame rate video content, realizing accurate frame to frame matching and eliminating frame jitter. < p > < p > at high refresh rate, the display driver IC needs more current, and requires CPU, GPU, memory and other devices to render more pictures together, which increases the power consumption of the whole machine. The conventional high swipe screen mobile phone can only switch between 60Hz and the highest refresh rate, and the service life is not ideal. < / P > < p > and Xiaomi 10t’s 7-level dynamic refresh rate technology can accurately match various scenarios. When reading the information flow, Xiaomi 10t can display at 144hz when sliding the screen to ensure fluency, while the static picture can be switched to 50Hz instantly to avoid unnecessary power waste. < / P > < p > thanks to the 7-gear adaptive refresh rate and 5000mAh large battery, the Xiaomi 10t can last 1.3 days in severe use, and can even be recharged in two days under mild use, which is far better than other 5g flagship phones. < p > < p > on the basis of 144hz refresh rate, Xiaomi 10t achieves accurate frame to frame matching between content and screen through 7-level adaptive frame rate technology. The industry has realized smooth experience of whole scene for the first time. What’s more, the indicators of this screen are almost the highest level. It’s not only high brush but also variable speed, which is probably the smoothest top screen in the industry. Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia