Xiaomi 11 run points exposure, total score than apple A14, snapdragon 875 is really fierce!

After the release of Xiaomi 10 Premium Edition, Xiaomi is also another city in the high-end mobile phone market. According to Wang Teng, an executive of Xiaomi, the sales volume of Xiaomi 10 premium has reached the first in China in the past month, and the data is even better than Huawei’s P40 pro. After seeing the success of high-end Xiaomi mobile phones, pan jiutang, another senior executive of Xiaomi, also began to “float away”. He also said that if you want to buy a high-speed mobile phone with a fluency comparable to that of iPhone, then Xiaomi 10 supreme version will be the only choice. It is simply that they don’t pay attention to Huawei mobile phones! At this time, even Xiaomi 11’s running points were exposed in advance! According to the release time of Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 11 is expected to come into the market in April next year, and is expected to launch the snapdragon 875 processor in China. The dual-mode 5g network can be realized with the external high-pass X60 baseband, and its performance is expected to hit the first place in the world. The Samsung S30 may be the world’s first snapdragon 875. It is also another CPU that supports 5nm process after Huawei Kirin 9000, apple A14 and Samsung Orion 1000. According to the report, Qualcomm has delivered the 5nm chip to Samsung OEM. At present, the R & D work is coming to an end, and the score data of this CPU has also appeared on foreign websites! < p > < p > on geekbench 5 test software, Samsung S21 running points with snapdragon 875 were exposed, and its single core data score reached 1159, multi core score was 4090, while Xiaomi 11 was single core 1102 and multi core 4113. From this point, we can infer that the running score data of Xiaolong 875 will be about 700000. As a reference, the average single core running score of the iterative snapdragon 865 plus is 980, and the average score of multi-core is 3300. In this way, the snapdragon 875 is much more powerful than the snapdragon 865 plus, and the comprehensive performance is improved by about 20%. Now, the data of 865 running points of Xiaolong has exceeded 600000, so there is no suspense about 875 running points exceeding 700000! < / P > < p > interestingly, according to the report on the running score of Apple A14 chip released in advance, the running score data of suspected iPhone 12 Pro is about 580000, which is not significantly higher than that of iphone11. In this comparison, the total score of Qualcomm snapdragon 875 is higher than that of apple A14, but its single core running score data is quite inferior. Take the apple A12 of the year before last, its single core score has reached 1300 points, while the A13 score is 3400 points. Although the total score data is ahead of Apple A14, the single core data still can’t see the tail light of Apple A14. However, the Xiaomi 11 running points are exposed, the total score is better than apple A14, and the Xiaolong 875 is really vigorous! < p > < p > in fact, the concept of running points has been weakened for a long time. The real competition between mobile phone manufacturers has begun to come to mobile phone photography, battery life and screen, especially in the field of photo taking. Huawei P40 pro, whose performance lags far behind, is still recognized as the camera king of Samsung note20 Ultra is the king of the screen, the system level of the iPhone, run point data can only be used as a reference! Xiaomi 11 is also good news, it is expected to upgrade to 120W super fast charging, and add the off screen lens technology. The truly comprehensive screen design of Xiaomi 11 will undoubtedly become the heavyweight product next year. This snapdragon 875 is really vigorous, do you agree? Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing