Xiaomi 20pro concept map, beautiful appearance to a new height, appearance design far beyond the iPhone 12

The appearance of Xiaomi 10 series has successfully opened the market of Xiaomi mobile phones in the high-end market. At the same time, the excellent reputation and sales achievements of Xiaomi 10 also make many users look forward to Xiaomi 20 series. Recently, the foreign media has produced a concept map of Xiaomi 20pro, which is far superior to the iPhone 12 and Huawei mate 40, and its appearance has reached a new height.

according to the exposure rendering, the most amazing highlight of Xiaomi 20pro is the screen, which is equipped with a true and comprehensive screen. It has many characteristics, such as non-shaped, no opening, narrow frame, etc., accounting for nearly 100%. Not surprisingly, Xiaomi 20pro should be based on vicino’s off screen lens scheme. The two manufacturers have always maintained a close cooperative relationship, and vicino is also one of the top screen manufacturers in China. The cooperation of the two manufacturers can bring great surprise to users.

the upper and lower sides and four corners of the middle frame of Xiaomi 20pro are processed, which makes it very comfortable to hold it. In addition, it can be seen from the picture details that Xiaomi 20pro adopts the hyperbolic fuselage scheme, which will make the mobile phone appear lighter and thinner, and hide the defects of the fuselage. The back of Xiaomi 20pro provides users with a variety of options, including plain leather, glass, gradient design and solid color design. It looks very fashionable.

the rear lens mold of the machine is composed of a vertical strip, which is placed vertically on the top left of the mobile phone. It still maintains the four camera design, and no new lens is added. However, according to the information given by foreign media, Xiaomi 20pro should use the hm2 sensor newly developed by Samsung. The main pixel will reach 150 million, with stronger resolution and richer picture details.

as for the auxiliary lens, Xiaomi 20pro will be equipped with a lossless lens that supports 10x Optical Zoom technology. The maximum digital zoom factor of the lens will reach 120 times, which can truly realize telescope level imaging. Photographing the moon and galaxy is no longer a patent of Huawei. Xiaomi 20pro will also have the best core hardware, should be the first 875 processor in China. With the new technology, the performance will be greatly improved, and the snapdragon X60 baseband can also improve the 5g performance of the mobile phone.

in addition, as the first flagship of Xiaomi in the coming year, various new technologies should also appear on the fuselage, such as 120W wired charging and 40W wireless fast charging technology. In a word, Xiaomi 20pro is not only high in appearance, but also commendable in its hard power. Of course, the price is also expected to reach a new high. It is reported that the price of Xiaolong 875 will reach 275 US dollars, and the price of Xiaomi 20pro is likely to be set at more than 5500.

Author: zmhuaxia