Xiaomi algorithm? 48 million pixels, no Leica certification, No. 1 in the world

As we all know, among all the functions of mobile phones in recent years, the fastest developing one should be the photo taking function. The powerful camera function consists of two parts, one is more advanced hardware, the other is powerful algorithm. < p > < p > among them, apple and Samsung mainly rely on algorithms, because the hardware used by these two brands is not advanced. But the domestic machine is powerful mainly depends on the hardware, that is, the algorithm is not good, the hardware comes together. < p > < p > for example, Huawei uses customized Sony CMOS chips from dual camera to triple camera, then to quadruple camera and five camera camera camera. The main camera is customized Sony CMOS chip, with 24 million pixels and 48 million pixels, and the P40 PRO + uses 50 million pixels. In addition, Lycra certification algorithm, the hardware specification is much better than apple and Samsung, and finally became the world’s first in photography, and the hardware took the lead. Later, Xiaomi also learned Huawei’s move, that is, the algorithm was not enough, and the hardware came together, and the stronger Samsung’s 100 million pixel CMOS chip was used. As a result, Xiaomi 10 Pro once surpassed Huawei’s mobile phone and became the world’s first.

, however, was used by 100 million pixels camera, so many people make complaints about it, even if yu Chengdong said that 100 million pixels are “gimmicks”. However, recently, Xiaomi has launched a commemorative version of Xiaomi 10, which no longer uses 100 million pixels. Instead, it uses a 48 million pixel main camera, which is 2 million less than the 50 million pixels of Huawei’s P40 pro. However, what is surprising is that Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative version ranked first in DxO with 130 points, surpassing Huawei’s P40 pro’s 128 points. < / P > < p > on the surface, Xiaomi doesn’t have Lycra certification, and even uses cameras with lower pixels, but its photography performance is better than that of Huawei. Does that mean that Xiaomi is also stronger than Huawei in terms of algorithm? After all, it is Huawei that teaches us how to take pictures to see the heroes of score theory. < p > < p > we know that Lei Jun once said in a mobile phone conference that whether the camera department has the year-end bonus depends on whether it can surpass Huawei. This time, the camera department has surpassed Huawei in taking photos with lower specifications. Does this mean that the year-end bonus of the camera department is stable this year? Of course, the results of DxO can only be referred to. Apple and Samsung no longer send tests on their own initiative. Only domestic machines still hold it, so we can judge by ourselves. Privacy Policy