Xiaomi Apple changing roles? How to fill the gap of mobile phone

As a popular product in mobile phones, it’s no exaggeration to say that iPhone is the wind vane of the industry. Of course, its price is also famous for its high price. Even some users used to change their mobile phones to show “they are using iPhone to log on QQ”, which also made iPhone become an arcade machine a few years ago.

However, for apple, the sales volume and market share of iPhone are declining after experiencing the low sales of iPhone XR and iPhone 11 series, which forces apple to change its product strategy.

according to the information exposed by foreign media, the new iPhone will include three sizes and four models, and the price of the basic iPhone 12 will be restored to $649. This is the first time after three years that the price of the iPhone has dropped to less than $650, and the four models are also the first time that the iPhone has adopted “aircraft sea tactics”.

looking at Xiaomi, this year’s new Xiaomi 10 series has begun to move closer to the high-end. The price of Xiaomi 10 starts at 3999 yuan, the price of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition starts at 5299 yuan, and the bright silver version comes to 6999 yuan, which is also the highest price of Xiaomi mobile phone.

from Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has sounded the clarion call for high-end products, while Apple has attracted more potential consumers’ attention by exploring the price of new products.

although it seems that the two sides want to change roles, in fact, we are still going the same way, that is, on the premise of stabilizing their own market, we can eat more price segments of the market through product expansion.

the rapid decline of Nokia many years ago sounded an alarm for mobile phone manufacturers: even if you have a high market share, you can’t rest assured. In the highly competitive mobile phone market, only by constantly pushing the old and bringing forth the new and gaining the recognition of consumers can you get a place.

Xiaomi started with cost-effective mobile phones, so higher performance price ratio has become the “shackle” that restricts Xiaomi from climbing to the peak. Therefore, Xiaomi 10 has received a lot of ridicule after the release of Xiaomi 10, with Huawei’s brilliant performance and OV and other manufacturers catching up. It will take a long time for the high-end market to be recognized.

and apple on the other side has no way to put down its stature. High profit margin makes it difficult to lower the price of iPhone. Moreover, low price will affect the image of high configuration iPhone. In addition, with the rapid development of Android mobile phone experience, apple is still under great pressure.

in fact, Apple has dug a moat long ago, that is, IOS and a series of ecology. This is also one of the reasons why iPhone is so successful. Xiaomi’s moat is the Internet experience and convenience brought by MIUI and Mijia. With such a moat, apple and Xiaomi can ensure that even if they take a wrong step in the competition, they will not be too far away.

in addition to apple and Xiaomi, other manufacturers are also building their own brand walls, or gaining the commanding heights of technology through patents, or uniting other manufacturers to consolidate their sphere of influence.

but that’s not good news for consumers. The increase of purchasing agents between different manufacturers increases the opportunity cost of changing different brands. Considering the application of smart watches and smart speakers, brand barriers will only degrade the experience between different products.

although there are organizations such as mutual transmission alliance and unified push alliance, their sense of existence is not strong, and they can not shake the walls under construction or already built by various brands. We hope that electronic products, including mobile phones, will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs. We also hope that the blooming market can bring consumers more diversified choices. But in the face of deeper and deeper brand gap, consumers are afraid to do very little. Maybe we can only make our voice through orders. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine