Xiaomi big show muscle, under screen camera + double 60 million + Xiaolong 875, in line with the law of true fragrance

With the development of smart phones, domestic mobile phones are growing at an amazing speed. After years of hard work and hard research, domestic mobile phones have made great progress. Xiaomi mobile phone is a popular domestic mobile phone manufacturer. Its products are not only popular in China, but also have a certain popularity and influence in the global mobile phone market. Therefore, the success of Xiaomi mobile phone is of great significance to the development of the whole industry. Among the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Xiaomi mobile phone is a powerful mobile phone manufacturer, and has made remarkable achievements through unremitting efforts in recent years. In terms of products, Xiaomi continues to make efforts this year, and has launched excellent products such as Xiaomi 10 series. In particular, the supreme commemorative version of Xiaomi 10 has conquered many people with its powerful photographic performance. Therefore, this machine is very popular in the market. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market, I believe Xiaomi mobile phone will, as always, bring more amazing products to the industry. Recently, a group of conceptual drawings of Xiaomi 11 were exposed on the Internet. The appearance and hardware design of the machine are extremely extreme. It seems that Xiaomi will show its muscles! < / P > < p > Xiaomi shows his muscles! In terms of appearance design, according to the exposure concept map, due to the use of under screen camera technology, this Xiaomi 11 front has finally abandoned the previous generation of hole digging full screen design, and thus realized the true full screen design. Therefore, with the support of the off screen camera technology, the visual effect of the front of the millet 11 has been improved unprecedentedly. In addition, the front of the Xiaomi 10 also adopts a very mature curved screen technology, together with the ultra narrow frame design, as well as a properly controlled forehead and chin, so the screen share of the whole mobile phone has also made great progress. < / P > < p > in the back design of the mobile phone, according to the exposure pictures, the back of the millet 11 is made of classic glass material, and after the process of 3D curved surface, the whole back of the mobile phone appears to be particularly three-dimensional. At the same time, the brand-new color matching of the body makes the whole mobile phone emit a sense of youth. The design of the four meter rear camera has been verified by the popular design of the four meter rear camera. In terms of parameters, it is learned that the camera adopts a dual 60 megapixel main lens, and the other two are 12 million pixels + 5 million pixels. If this is the case, I believe that with the blessing of the double 60 million main cameras, the camera’s photographic performance may usher in a qualitative leap. < / P > < p > in terms of core hardware, it is reported that the Xiaomi 11 adopts a 6.76 inch Samsung AMOLED screen with a screen resolution of 2K. At the same time, the screen is also added with 120Hz refresh rate and original color display technology, so the screen display effect and experience of this machine will be more extreme. In terms of processor, the Xiaomi 11 is equipped with the next generation flagship processor, the snapdragon 875. It is reported that the snapdragon 875 adopts a new 5-nanometer process technology, and integrates a more powerful CPU architecture and graphics processing unit. If this is the case, I believe that with the blessing of the snapdragon 875, the overall performance of the machine will not let you down. Xiaomi big show muscle! < / P > < p > conforms to the true fragrance law! Xiaomi mobile phone gives the impression that not only the hardware performance is very strong, but also has a good performance in the appearance design, so Xiaomi mobile phone is favored by young people. The Xiaomi 11 exposed above has achieved a truly comprehensive screen design with the integration of off screen camera technology, which greatly improves the visual effect of the whole mobile phone. The addition of 60 million main cameras makes the camera hardware very good, especially the support of core hardware such as snapdragon 875, which makes the comprehensive strength of the machine beyond doubt. If the above exposure of millet 11 is true, whether it is the appearance design or hardware configuration, it conforms to the law of true fragrance! Finally, what do you think of this millet 11? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?

Author: zmhuaxia