Xiaomi core making wants to continue the road of self research, and overseas will make efforts in the European high-end mobile phone market

The R & D process of Xiaomi chip is still moving forward. The reporter learned on November 11 that the relevant person in charge of Xiaomi disclosed at the media communication meeting that he never gave up the research and development of chip, and the relevant achievements are expected to be presented in mobile phone products in the future. < p > < p > the reporter noted that Lei Jun had already indicated at the global entrepreneurship summit that Xiaomi had been investing in chip research and development. Obviously, Xiaomi also wants to master more core technologies. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that in addition to internal power, millet core making also continues to invest abroad. According to reports, Xiaomi has invested in at least ten chip enterprises, including BYD semiconductor. < p > < p > with the third quarter of this year, Xiaomi’s mobile phone shipment has returned to the third place in the world. Xiaomi also revealed at the meeting that it will focus on the European high-end market, and strive to cultivate in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Britain and other places and make breakthroughs. According to the introduction, Xiaomi’s mobile phone users have covered 230 countries and regions around the world, its intelligent Internet of things products have also come to 223 countries and regions, and various speakers carrying Xiaoai students have been sold to 180 countries and regions. < / P > < p > in this case, the number of intelligent Internet of things devices that activate Xiaoai has reached 228 million. Xiaoai has become one of the busiest AI voice intelligent interactive platforms in the world. Global users use Xiaoai more than 100 million times a day, and Xiaoai has accumulated 61.7 billion wake-up times. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?