Xiaomi has launched four in one data line: tensile braided wire

It was reported on August 10 that Xiaomi has recently put on the shelves a 4-in-1 flash pole tensile braided data cable, which adopts a double head four interface design. The micro USB, USB and type-C interfaces are available for only 39.9 yuan.

in terms of design and appearance, this data line not only facilitates the disadvantages of mass first-line charging transmission, but also solves the needs of multi-functional data applications. This data cable has usb-c and usb-a. micro USB interfaces. The bottom end is usb-c interface, and the upper end is micro USB and usb-a. The dual head four interface can realize four connection modes: usb-c and usb-a, usb-c and micro USB, usb-c and usb-c, micro USB and sub-a. Three kinds of interfaces can fully handle daily equipment, from notebook to portable fan, only one data cable can be connected. It can not only supply power for 60W notebook, but also support 27W charge turbo of Xiaomi 10 and k30pro.

in terms of materials, aluminum alloy shell is used at the joint, and the thread is wrapped with braided wire, which can resist 10000 times of bending, and the lifting weight can reach 50kg. It is more durable and durable to use, and consumers don’t have to worry about constantly changing the data cable. 21awg wire with high conductivity and smaller internal resistance. In addition, connecting the mobile phone and the computer, it can transfer data at a high speed at the same time of charging, with the speed of 480mbps. 1g data is transmitted in 30 seconds, and there is no need to wait for fast transmission. Such a convenient and fast data line, whether you have been planted grass, quick to start. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia