Xiaomi is good at taking photos, but don’t choose randomly. These three 5GS are the favorite of insiders. They are all comparable to the SLR

In the first half of 20 years, if it is said that the manufacturer recovered the most, it can not be determined. If we want to say which one has completed transformation in the first half of 20 years, it must be Xiaomi. On the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, whether it is high-end or mid-range, Xiaomi has done its best to become a 5g boutique mobile phone.

so there are three Xiaomi 5g mobile phones recommended to you today. These three mobile phones have very strong photo taking performance, and they are all the favorite of insiders. They are comparable to the SLR camera and will not be out of date for three or five years.

Xiaomi 10 was first recommended by Xiaobian. Its configuration and function are commendable and suitable for current consumers. In terms of camera configuration, Xiaomi implements a high pixel strategy. Xiaomi 10 has a 100 million pixel super clear main camera. It is very easy to record super clear video and take multi style photos.

Xiaomi 10 uses a snapdragon 865 processor with a built-in fifth AI processing engine. It has high performance, stable performance and is not easy to be disturbed. In addition, Xiaomi 10 is also considered in terms of sound. Equipped with stereo speakers and built-in adjustment system, it can show high-quality sound in any environment. After the price reduction, the 8GB + 128GB version of Xiaomi 10 is only sold for 3999 yuan.

the second model of Hongmi k30pro, it can be said that it has made a lot of popularity in the 5g mobile phone market in the first half of the year. The red rice k30pro is equipped with a rear four camera, 64 million pixel main camera + 5 million pixel long focal distance + 13 million pixel ultra wide angle + 2 million pixel depth of field. The four cameras belong to different fields, and the main camera can record super clear 8K video.

the endurance capability is the best in the industry. Hongmi k30pro has a 4700 Ma battery and supports 33W wired fast charging. It is a high-performance mobile phone. After the adjustment of red rice k30pro, the 8GB + 128GB version was 3399 yuan.

the third Xiaomi 10 youth version, Xiaomi 10 youth version, also cares about the camera. It adopts the rear four camera. The main camera is a 48 megapixel high-definition camera. The other three are 8 million pixel periscope long-range focus, 8 million pixel ultra wide angle, 2 million pixel independent macro-range. The feature of long focus is the most obvious, supporting 50 times periscope zoom.

this high-quality 5g mid-range computer is extremely attentive in terms of screen. Xiaomi 10 youth version is equipped with a 6.57 inch primary color screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080, and can display different effects of pictures. The material is AMOLED. The third-party platform of Xiaomi is only 1289gb.

although the positioning of Xiaomi 10, Hongmi k30pro and Xiaomi 10 youth version are different, the photos of these three 5g Xiaomi mobile phones are fascinating. They are all highly recommended. Which one do you prefer?

Author: zmhuaxia