Xiaomi laboratory first exposed new high-end machine Xiaomi 11 launched in the world

On December 28, 2020, Xiaomi group’s Xiaomi brand held a flagship new product launch, officially releasing the new generation of high-end flagship Xiaomi 11, MIUI 12.5 system and the first “WiFi 6 enhanced” router ax6000. As a brand-new high-end work of Xiaomi, Xiaomi 11 brings a comprehensive breakthrough in performance, display and design. < / P > < p > Xiaomi 11 launched the latest generation of 5g flagship platform Xiaolong 888 in the world. The most advanced 5nm process and architecture bring about 25% CPU and 25% GPU The performance of Xiaomi 11 has been improved by 35% and AI computing power has been improved by over 70%. While taking into account the 4600mah battery, Xiaomi 11 has created a slim body with a thickness of only 8.06mm and a weight of 196g, and launched a plain leather version for the first time. The biggest highlight of Xiaomi 11 comes from the use of the most top-grade and possibly the most expensive flexible AMOLED screen in the mobile phone industry. This 6.81 inch four curved 2K super retina screen has a pixel density of 515pp i. Combined with 120Hz high brush, 8192 level brightness adjustment of front and rear dual sensitivity, and color adjustment of primary color screen, it set 13 new records of displaymate, a professional display evaluation organization, and won a + rating. At the same time, Xiaomi 11 also carries the latest generation of Corning gorilla glass victus, hamankaton double Yang stereo, WiFi 6 enhanced, 55W wired + 50W wireless dual fast charging, 100 million pixel camera and other flagship configurations, leading the high-end market in 2021. < p > < p > Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, also unveiled the mystery of Xiaomi Laboratory for the first time at the press conference. Lei Jun said: in the third quarter of this year, Xiaomi returned to the top three in the world in the smartphone market. The secret behind this is “technology-based”. Xiaomi laboratories have spread all over the world. Xiaomi Science Park alone has 123 laboratories of various types, including 90 + mobile phone laboratories. Industry analysts said that the sparing no effort in R & D investment and attracting the world’s top R & D personnel have become the cornerstone of Xiaomi’s continuous innovation and leading the industry in core technology fields such as mobile camera, display, fast charging and AI. Xiaomi already has the world’s leading R & D capabilities, and the resulting technical achievements will help Xiaomi improve its high-end market share more quickly. < / P > < p > Xiaomi 11 has white, blue and black Ag glass and smoke purple, khaki two plain leather version options, 8GB + 128GB version 3999 yuan, 8GB + 256gb version 4299 yuan, 12gb + 256gb version 4699 yuan, 100 yuan deposit pre-sale at 10 pm on December 28, the official first sale in all channels at 0 pm on January 1; Xiaomi, which has always advocated science and technology and environmental protection, provides two options: Standard Version and suit version Tiktok, the standard version does not contain chargers and data lines, and the collocation of 55W GaN charger and data line. The two versions will be handed over to users at the same price. At 20 o’clock in January 1st, the founder, chairman and Lei Lei of the millet group will be broadcast live in the jitter. The 11 Lei Jun signature version is sold first, the 12GB+256GB price is 4699 yuan, and the millet first “WiFi 6” is sold at 20 o’clock. The “enhanced” router ax6000, priced at 599 yuan, will be on sale in all channels at 10 a.m. on January 8. < / P > < p > in 2020, the Xiaomi brand will officially impact the high-end market. As the first product series to impact the high-end market, the Xiaomi 10 series will live up to the expectations of the public, ranking in the forefront of the 5g flagship sales list of major e-commerce companies for a long time, known as the “flagship goalkeeper”; Xiaomi 10 Pro won the double title of DxOMark in video and audio, and dominated the list for 320 days with outstanding sound quality, so far no one has surpassed it; Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition set a new standard of top flagship in DxOMark’s camera evaluation with record results. No matter in terms of sales volume or word-of-mouth, the three products of Xiaomi 10 series have achieved great success, helping Xiaomi successfully stand in the high-end market. < / P > < p > the success of Xiaomi in the high-end market relies on the core technology of continuous breakthrough, which promotes the upgrading of product experience with technology. At the press conference, Xiaomi disclosed the information of Xiaomi Laboratory for the first time. At present, Xiaomi laboratories have spread all over the world. Xiaomi Science Park alone has 123 laboratories of various types, including 90 + mobile phone laboratories, covering 5g, RF, antenna, camera, display optics, audio, reliability and other professional disciplines. 5g laboratory has two sets of core networks and hundreds of 5g base stations to simulate the commercial networks of more than 20 mainstream operators in the world. Engineers can debug 5g signals around the world without leaving home. Antenna laboratory cooperates with four operators to ensure the best performance of mobile phone signals. Camera laboratory has automated unmanned test equipment, which can be used remotely by Xiaomi engineers all over the world for efficient debugging The laboratory has an industry-leading full anechoic room, which is sensitive to the changes of sound and image; 1848 mobile phones in the stability laboratory are tested at the same time to simulate the use habits of real users, and a large number of samples are tested to ensure reliable quality. < / P > < p > in the past year, the world’s top 120x zoom, dual native ISO and other imaging technologies brought by Xiaomi have led the industry in mass production of 120W wired second charge + 50W wireless second charge, UWB one finger link, 80W wireless second charge, the third generation of off screen camera and other important technological advances, all of which come from Xiaomi laboratory. With the continuous implementation of more technical achievements of Xiaomi laboratory, it will further consolidate Xiaomi’s leading technology advantage in the industry and promote Xiaomi to gain more high-end market share. < / P > < p > Xiaomi 11 launched a new generation of snapdragon 8885g flagship platform in the world, built with the most advanced 5nm process, launched the X1 super performance core, upgraded the new generation of A78 architecture, improved CPU performance by 25%, GPU performance by 35%, AI computing power by more than 70%, meanwhile, reduced power consumption and energy efficiency by 25%; cooperated with the full blood version of 6400mbps With lpddr5 memory, Antu’s running points exceeded 740000, and its performance reached a new high. It supports WiFi 6 enhanced version, which can reach the fastest 3.5gbps limit speed of today’s mobile platform, doubling the speed of the previous generation. In addition, the multi network instant switch technology supports seamless switching between different WiFi networks and between WiFi and 5g, realizing the high-speed and smooth connection experience of the whole scene. < / P > < p > Xiaomi 11 is also equipped with the best 2K super retina screen so far, made of the latest generation of E4 material, with peak brightness of 1500nit and pixel arrangement of pentile. It integrates top parameters such as 2K resolution, 120Hz high brush, 480HZ touch and so on. After adjusting the primary color screen piece by piece, it has obtained the a + rating of professional display evaluation organization displaymate, and refreshed displaymate’s “highest screen resolution” and “highest o” With 13 best records including LED peak brightness, highest color accuracy, highest contrast and lowest screen reflectance, displaymate even gave that “Xiaomi 11 has the world’s top smartphone screen, with textbook like perfect calibration accuracy and display capability, which is extremely impressive and can be said to be very close to perfection.” The highest evaluation. At the same time, the screen is also equipped with the toughest Corning gorilla glass victus for protection. The anti falling performance is increased by 1.5 times, and the scratch resistance is increased by 2 times, making it the only domestic brand to use this top configuration. Combined with four curved surface micro curve shape, independent sensors are specially designed to prevent false touch. 8192 level brightness adjustment of front and rear dual sensitive sensors realizes natural and accurate brightness adjustment, and comprehensively upgrades visual and interactive experience. < / P > < p > in terms of design, Xiaomi 11 reconstructs the fuselage stack, takes into account the 4600mah large battery, creates a slim fuselage of 8.06mm and 196g, and changes the impression of 5g flagship half Jin machine. The camera decorated with angel eyes, sound wave like speakers, white, blue and black Ag glass and smoke purple and khaki plain leather designs reconstruct the traditional design language of Xiaomi mobile phone, making Xiaomi 11 highly recognizable in high-end mobile phones. In terms of cameras, Xiaomi 11 is equipped with 100 million pixels for three shots, and introduces the widely acclaimed long focus macro camera. It supports Super Video night scene, and cooperates with David Rivero Martin, chief color palette of digital Kingdom, to bring 8 unique film color templates, as well as more computing shooting functions such as time still and magic frame separation based on self-developed AI algorithm. In addition, Xiaomi 11 is also equipped with stereo dual speakers adjusted jointly with Harman Caton, which supports Bluetooth audio sharing, two pairs of Bluetooth headsets can be connected at the same time; it supports fingerprint heart rate detection function for the first time; it supports 55W wired second charge, 50W wireless second charge and 10W wireless reverse charge, with built-in horizontal linear motor. < / P > < p > for the rice noodles that love Xiaomi, Xiaomi 11 also launched a special signature version of Xiaomi 11 Lei Jun, which is limited in supply. The back cover of Xiaomi 11 Lei Jun signature version adopts three-dimensional texture glass. The first glass surface hot pressing texture technology brings unique raster texture visual effects and exquisite feel. The surface of the packing box is made of shigaodi crystal to form a wave like three-dimensional magic color texture, which is concave and convex with dazzling colors and complements the design of the back cover of the mobile phone. As a gift for rice noodles, the price of Leijun signature version of Xiaomi 11 with 12gb + 256gb configuration is the same as that of Ag glass and plain leather version with the same configuration. < / P > < p > MIUI 12.5 is fully upgraded based on the popular MIUI 12. The new system launched the first cross-border product, MIUI +, to realize the seamless cooperation between mobile phone and computer, making business office more efficient and convenient; in terms of security and privacy, MIUI + 12.5 add four new functions: clipboard privacy protection, privacy isolation sandbox, browser privacy protection, and application ecological privacy protection, to defend users’ data rights with the world’s most stringent privacy standards, and even surpass the world’s leading IOS in some aspects. The new MIUI 12.5 has also made a major upgrade in the application basic experience, and comprehensively optimized the memory, performance, power consumption and other aspects of the system application. By rewriting the system UI, the memory of the core scene is reduced by 20%. The average power consumption of the super application system decreased by 12.5%, and the average power consumption of the background system decreased by 17.5%. < / P > < p > Xiaomi router ax6000, as the first router supporting “WiFi 6 enhanced” technology, has a wireless rate of 6000mbps, which is the highest in the current Xiaomi router series. It supports 4 × 4 160MHz high bandwidth, which brings a new experience of “twice the network speed” compared with 80MHz. At the same time, the first support 4K QAM technology, higher transmission data density, can let the network speed increased by 20%. In addition, the Xiaomi router ax6000 is also equipped with a 2500mbps full speed network port and 6-way independent signal amplifier, which supports Xiaomi mesh networking, Xiaomi Changkuai connection, and exclusive acceleration of Xiaomi devices. It also supports Tencent and Netease game accelerators, and gives game accelerators worth 180 yuan. < / P > < p > in 2020, Xiaomi will celebrate its first 10th birthday. As a Chinese start-up company, Xiaomi has made many changes in the past ten years, ranking among the top 500 in the world. The shipment volume of smart phones has reached the top three in the world, and the market value has exceeded 100 billion US dollars. Xiaomi has also become a global well-known brand in the high-end market from an Internet brand loved by enthusiasts Too many impossibilities become possibilities. < / P > < p > at the same time, Xiaomi is also sticking to more unchanged. Xiaomi has never forgotten its vision of “making friends with users”. At the end of the press conference, Lei Jun told the story of a rice noodle named XiuXiu struggle, a member of Suzhou aid Hubei national medical team. With the team to the optical valley area of Wuhan Tongji Hospital, he wrote a classic slogan of Xiaomi on his protective clothing: “always believe that something beautiful is about to happen, come on Wuhan!” This sentence accompanied him through the most difficult time of anti epidemic. In addition, Lei Jun also announced that he will help the three rice noodles realize their new year’s wishes; Xiaomi has never forgotten to adhere to the principle of “technology-based”, and through continuous technological innovation, Xiaomi has stabilized the high-end market and led the technological trend of high-end flagship mobile phones; Xiaomi has never forgotten to adhere to the principle of “technology-based”