Xiaomi launched a new system based on Android 11, and the three models took the lead in tasting

On September 8, Google pushed the official version of Android 11 to the pixel series, while a number of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers are actively testing Android 11. Xiaomi also released an announcement in the MIUI forum at the first time, inviting geeks to play in-house testing of Xiaomi’s new system < / P > < p > according to Xiaomi’s official news, Xiaomi’s new MIUI system is integrated with Android 11 in miui12. In addition to increasing functions, the system’s fluency will also be improved because it is based on the new Android 11. Of course, because it is still in the internal testing stage, the new MIUI system shows more bug problems. < p > < p > in the first half of this year, miui12 system has brought enough surprises to users. It not only has the amazing privacy protection function, but also has the super wallpaper that brings the user a brand-new visual experience. This year’s miui12 did not stick to the addition of new functions, but achieved the ultimate in details. After the integration of Android 11 system, the original advantages of miui12 will become greater, and there will be new function breakthroughs. Android 11 also attaches great importance to privacy issues. According to official documents, Android 11 system will support the authorization of disposable microphone and camera. That is to say, only after the user uses the above functions and authorizes them in person, the mobile phone will start the two hardware, and once the user has finished using the function, the function will be turned off. Microphones and cameras cannot be turned on, which ensures that software and applications cannot capture user information in the background. < / P > < p > in addition, Android 11 system will also bring a new function of “bubble notification”, which is a new form of “floating window”, which can not only suspend video, but also display text information on the screen in the form of floating window. Moreover, due to the appearance of bubbles, the bubble notification itself will not occupy too much space and affect the normal operation of the mobile phone by users. On the contrary, it can greatly improve the operation efficiency of users’ mobile phones. < p > < p > the Android 11 system also upgrades the function of the notification bar. When a mobile phone receives a short message or message, the user can directly pull down the notification bar and edit the information on the current page to reply. Android 11 also comes with side sensitivity adjustment, which will help users effectively improve the problem of accidental touch when most flagship machines are equipped with curved screens. < / P > < p > in a comprehensive way, the use experience of Xiaomi miui12, which integrates Android 11, is not a little bit better. What do you think of the system? Let’s talk about it. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year