Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Friends who pay close attention to the mobile phone industry may know that there are some “laws” in the mobile phone circle. For example, the real machines of some new and engineering machines that will be released soon will be “exposed” on the subway. On August 4, a new Xiaomi machine with a hole digging screen in the middle was exposed on the subway, “there is no trace of shooting.”.

the exposed pictures show that the new millet machine adopts a central hole digging screen design, with narrow four borders and a good visual impression. According to the exposed pictures, the mobile phone is suspected to use side fingerprint unlocking. If this is the case, the positioning of the mobile phone should not be very high.

in addition to the news of Xiaomi 10 “super large cup” recently, there is not much information on other new Xiaomi machines on the Internet. However, recently, digital blogger @ digital chat station has been disclosing information about a new millet machine. According to his disclosure, this mobile phone is Xiaomi’s new machine in the second half of the year, which is a “well-balanced high-value thousand yuan machine”. The mobile phone may be equipped with a 144hz LCD with a perforated screen in the middle. The rear main camera has pixels up to 108 million and the battery capacity is about 5000mAh.

However, @ digital chat station revealed that the current plan of this new millet machine is to be launched overseas, and it is not sure whether it will be listed in China. But now, the suspected real phone has been exposed, indicating that it is likely to be launched in China.