Xiaomi once again launched an impact on the high-end, can it be?

On August 16, 2011, Xiaomi’s first mobile phone was born. The mainstream flagship configuration and the price of 1999 yuan are absolutely worthy of the slogan “born for fever”, which is also the most impressive impression of Xiaomi at the beginning. In fact, Xiaomi has always been focusing on the cost performance strategy: using the same configuration as the high-end flagship at a lower price, so as to attract more users to buy, and quickly improve the market’s awareness of its own brand. Today, Xiaomi is the youngest company among the world’s top 500 companies, but this is not the end point for Xiaomi. Whether Xiaomi’s products can enter the high-end market is Lei Jun’s dream all along. It is no exaggeration to say that Xiaomi’s success today is due to its cost performance, but it is also because of the cost performance that Xiaomi has made such a difficult road to high-end. For example, the mix series released by Xiaomi before, the word-of-mouth of the first two generations is good, but the sales data is not so good. What is the reason? Very simple, millet in addition to cost-effective, there is no feature can let consumers remember. < / P > < p > in fact, in 2015, Xiaomi has started to prepare its own high-end product line. Xiaomi note is Xiaomi’s first attempt. The 2.5D 12K screen, snapdragon 810 processor, hifi chip and new design all let rice noodles see a completely different millet hand machine. However, due to the problems in heating and power consumption of the snapdragon 810 at that time, Xiaomi’s first high-end flagship machine was not successful in starting, so it could not be called flagship in terms of performance experience. < / P > < p > when the note series came out to the third generation, Xiaomi seems to have lost its way in this product line. The appearance of this product is completely consistent with Xiaomi’s digital flagship Xiaomi 6 at that time, but its price and configuration are lower than Xiaomi 6, so it can’t be called high-end flagship. After note3, Xiaomi has never launched a note series product. Maybe Xiaomi realized that it is very difficult to save the reputation of note series. It is better to open another product line than to save it. In fact, the fuzzy positioning of the note series has something to do with the birth of the mix series. At the end of the Xiaomi Note2 conference, Lei Jun brought a blockbuster, Xiaomi mix full screen mobile phone, which really brought the concept of full screen to users’ vision. The birth of mix series made many consumers recognize and recognize the brand of Xiaomi. However, it was embarrassing that the leading role of Xiaomi Note2 in this conference was completely stolen by Xiaomi mix. Its heat and sales are not comparable to mix. However, the development of the mix series, which Xiaomi had high hopes for, was not smooth sailing, and the performance of several subsequent products did not meet Xiaomi’s expectations. Millet mix alpha, a “future product” priced at 19999 yuan, was finally too difficult to mass produce. So far, few users have seen the real machine, let alone buy it. Does this mean that millet products have little hope of entering the high-end market? Not in my opinion. < / P > < p > there may be many people who think that it is difficult for Xiaomi to gain a foothold in the high-end mobile phone market because the three words “cost performance” are implemented too deeply, and rice noodles are not willing to go to Xiaomi mobile phones of 3000, 4000 or even 4500. But from Xiaomi 9, we can see that Xiaomi’s road is actually more and more stable, not a one-time increase of 1000 or 2000, but a little price increase, gradually let Xiaomi mobile phone get rid of the low price, and constantly hint to consumers that Xiaomi will start to increase its price. The best example is Xiaomi 10 series. The lowest price is 3999 yuan and the highest price is 6999 yuan. If rice noodles are not willing to accept millet at this price, then the sales of this series must be very poor. Judging from the current sales of Xiaomi 10 series, rice noodles are still very willing to buy a millet mobile phone at this price. Of course, this also has a lot to do with the current market trend. The price of 5g mobile phones has generally increased this year. The main reason for the high sales volume of Xiaomi 10 series is that its cost performance ratio is too high in the same price. < / P > < p > but for a product that really impacts the high-end, it is more important whether the product can bring influence or value to the whole brand. Take a few simple examples. When you mention the iPhone, you will know that it is a flagship machine, which is very expensive and easy to use. When it comes to Huawei mate series, we will also link it with high-end flagship. Why? Because Apple and Huawei have established a high-end image in the minds of consumers, consumers who buy these products don’t have to consider whether the product is powerful or cost-effective. They believe that as long as they pay for the brand, they will give them a good product. Consumers have enough self-confidence and trust in the brand, which is the current millet in the high-end market does not have the quality. < / P > < p > back to the product itself, in Lei Jun’s 10th anniversary public speech, Lei Jun indicated the determination of millet products to enter the high-end market. To this end, we have prepared three products, which represent Xiaomi’s efforts and efforts in the past ten years. Take Xiaomi 10 supreme edition as an example. Compared with the “no design is the best design” of early Xiaomi mobile phones, this product has a stronger sense of advanced. Compared with the note series and mix series mentioned above, the price of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition is higher, and its strategic significance is also more important. In addition to feelings, this is also an important signal for Xiaomi and redmi to go their own way. The former focuses on the impact of high-end market, while the latter continues to maintain the original intention and implement the best performance price ratio. < / P > < p > on the second day after the press conference, four of the top five topics discussed by Zhihu digital channel came from Xiaomi, some discussed products, some discussed the future development of Xiaomi. No matter whether the topic is positive or negative, we can see that consumers’ attention to Xiaomi is still very high. Many netizens also ridicule Lei Jun’s every press conference can be called “the Spring Festival Gala of digital circle”. < / P > < p > compared with the supreme commemorative version of Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi’s transparent TV seems to be less popular than expected. After all, this is a product priced at 49999 yuan, which is destined to have nothing to do with ordinary users. However, what it brings is the direction of future TV development and Xiaomi’s determination to explore black technology. Of course, there are still some users willing to pay for it. By the time of publication, the TV in Xiaomi mall has been sold out. It shows that the audience still exists, and this group is not small. The success of Xiaomi 10 series is only a small step at most, which indicates that some people are willing to pay for 5000 or 6000 Xiaomi mobile phones, but this is also based on the highest cost performance ratio of Xiaomi 10 series at the same price. If Xiaomi wants to gain a foothold in the high-end market, it must have long-term marketing investment and continuous iteration of excellent products. For example, apple, Samsung and Huawei can bring flagship products every year, and each generation of products can have a bright spot of inheritance. It is better to have a skill than to be balanced everywhere. Although this is a bit hard to hear, it has to be said Compared with a balanced bucket machine, a special one-sided “partial branch machine” will be more popular with consumers. < / P > < p > a price increase does not mean an impact on high-end success. A high-end mobile phone is more than just an ordinary mobile phone. It is more like a “tool” that can effectively enhance the brand value. It can make users fully trust your brand, and do not have to worry about the problems and shortcomings of the product. At present, we don’t know exactly what the market performance of Xiaomi 10’s supreme commemorative edition will be and how the consumers’ reputation will be. However, it can be sure that Xiaomi has found its own direction. As long as it can continuously output some good products, it is not a dream to squeeze into the high-end market in the future. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year