Xiaomi once again leads the mobile phone trend, the new machine will carry a black technology, the era of real full screen is coming

In recent years, the development of Xiaomi brand is not warm or hot, and its product sales volume has not been compared with the original hot degree. But in the innovation of mobile phone design, Xiaomi can always surprise users. It sold the first 100 million pixel camera model, and also released the mixalpha concept with surround screen design. After the release of this mobile phone, it also attracted the general attention of the industry for a time, because it looked really amazing. According to the relevant information, millet will launch a black technology on the new machine, the era of real full screen mobile phone is coming. < / P > < p > before, in order to achieve a higher proportion of the screen, mobile phone manufacturers have introduced pop-up cameras. But these mobile phones are bulky, and they seem to be enough to attract consumers. However, after using them for a period of time, we will find that these mobile phones have some inherent disadvantages and consume more power. Xiaomi will launch a new machine, Xiaomi 10ultra, which is equipped with an off screen camera for the first time. This scheme not only realizes the design of a real full screen mobile phone, but also retains the characteristics of the mobile phone which is light and portable, and does not bring additional disadvantages. The technology of < / P > < p > has been proposed for a long time. However, due to the limitation of technology, manufacturers have not adopted this scheme. Xiaomi’s launch of this technology on the new aircraft shows that it has made a great breakthrough in this area, and the photography quality of the camera under the screen is no less than that of previous models. < / P > < p > this may also be an opportunity for Xiaomi to rise. Other manufacturers are still in the period of hole digging screen. Xiaomi is the first to release the camera model under the screen, which will undoubtedly add a lot of highlights to its products. Maybe other manufacturers will introduce this kind of mobile phone one after another, but Xiaomi has already taken the lead, and this advantage is incomparable to other manufacturers. < / P > < p > however, there is also a possibility that the off screen camera technology is not yet mature. Xiaomi may only display this product, not sell it, just like the mixalpha concept machine. This technology is a major technological innovation in the field of mobile phones, which will make mobile phones transition from the era of smart phones to the era of full screen models. The special-shaped screen before < / P > < p > was only a part of the full screen, although the manufacturer said it was a full screen. The full screen model designed by pop-up camera is not a practical full screen mobile phone. The full screen mobile phone designed by the hidden camera under the screen is the real practical full screen mobile phone. Do you think Xiaomi’s mobile phone can be sold in mass production? Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia