Xiaomi release full transparent screen! Lei Jun: it’s very expensive. Just have a look

Recently, Xiaomi held a special press conference. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi group, attached great importance to Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary and gave a four hour public speech. In his speech, Lei Jun reviewed the ten years since Xiaomi was founded, and made unremitting promises for the next ten years: innovation, intelligent life, intelligent manufacturing, and striving for a better life for people. < / P > < p > 120Hz screen refresh rate is not much to say. A higher refresh rate can bring better visual experience. For players, buff bonus and 4096 brightness adjustment are available. < / P > < p > 120W second charging: the charging speed is visible to the naked eye. This time, the 4500mAh battery can be fully charged by drinking a cup of tea. 41% of the battery can be charged in 5 minutes, and 100% in 23 minutes. Imagine the scenario where you need to charge, and it is not a dream to complete the charging in more than ten minutes. < / P > < p > it is also a super large cup configuration, with a 120Hz Samsung E3 screen and Tianji 1000 + next only to the flagship 865 processor of Qualcomm. Have you heard of it? Entertainment scores can reach 530000. < / P > < p > if redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition has any advantages, it needs to be praised for its screen proportion. It can not be described too much with all screens. Because it uses a pop-up front lens, the screen is really full of screens, without holes, bangs and water drops. < / P > < p > this is the real super cup. After a few hours’ speech, Xiaomi’s latest black technology products also appeared on the screen: Xiaomi transparent TV. < / P > < p > the transparent TV you have seen in science fiction movies has come true. Xiaomi transparent TV is transparent as a whole. This is an imagination and exploration for the future. It has a large OLED screen, 120Hz MEMC motion compensation, 1ms instantaneous response and ultra-thin 5.7mm thickness. < / P > < p > note that this high-tech product is absolutely unbreakable. Can you imagine what happens when a piece of glass is broken? If it’s not enough to refresh your mind, you need to know the price of millet transparent TV: 49999 yuan, not short of money. < / P > < p > this is a customized version of Pro Lamborghini, a No. 9 kart jointly designed by Xiaomi and Lamborghini. The maximum speed can reach 40km / h. after dismantling, the balance car Max will be built. For endurance, you can refer to driving 62 laps on the standard 400m runway, about 25km. < / P > < p > compared with the real Lamborghini, it’s interesting here. There are four high-power loudspeakers with four engine sound effects: single cylinder engine sound effect, double cylinder engine sound effect, V8 engine sound effect and V12 engine sound effect. The “real” sound wave makes you feel the “real” sports car texture. < / P > < p > the price is very close to the people. Geek toys are no longer exclusive to a group. Compared with the geek products that often cost tens of thousands, the price of less than RMB 9999 also makes some young people a little excited. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer