Xiaomi releases new miui12.5 system, surpasses Android and rivals IOS

On December 28, Xiaomi released the big version of miui12.5 operating system again half a year later, which was the first time Xiaomi released two big versions in the same year. The new system focuses on security and privacy, super wallpaper, dynamic design, touch design, system optimization and many new function upgrades. In order to achieve the dream of competing with or even catching up with IOS, Xiaomi software and experience team spent more than twice of their efforts to build two major versions of MIUI system for rice noodles in one year for the first time. At the end of 2020, miui12.5 marks the perfect end of the miui12 series. < / P > < p > “in the past year, Xiaomi brand officially entered the high-end mobile phone market, and successively released three high-end flagship mobile phones, namely Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10pro and Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition. These three mobile phones were warmly welcomed by rice noodles, and Xiaomi won the first battle on the way to high-end.” At the press conference, Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi group, said: “Xiaomi’s aim is to do a good job in product experience at all costs. For high-end flagship mobile phones, experience is fundamental. Miui12 also adds luster to this year’s high-end flagship strategy.” < / P > < p > in the past eight months, miui12 has been widely praised by the industry. On the basis of this version, the new miui12.5 is released to realize the perfect upgrade of miui12 series. The new system launched the first cross-border product MIUI +, realizing the seamless cooperation between mobile phones and computers, making business office more efficient and convenient; in terms of security and privacy, miui12.5 continued to increase investment, leading the industry, polishing products with the world’s highest privacy standards, providing users with the most secure protection, and even surpassing IOS in the comprehensiveness and delicacy of privacy protection. In addition, the super wallpaper created by Xiaomi has two new landing points on the earth, and also brings the crystallization of technology and aesthetics. < / P > < p > MIUI + is the first cross-border product of MIUI, which realizes the ecological integration of Android and windows. The emergence of MIUI + makes the cooperation between mobile phones and computers faster and the business office more efficient. < / P > < p > in the multi device scenario, users often need to transfer data between mobile phone and PC. MIUI + allows users to copy a paragraph of text when reading and browsing on the mobile phone, and then paste it directly on the computer. Conversely, when copying a paragraph of content on the computer, the mobile phone can also paste it directly, and forward or process it twice on the mobile phone. It greatly shortens the transmission path of the original text information. < / P > < p > the photos and screenshots of the mobile phone can be displayed on the computer at the same time, and the user can quickly save them locally or directly drag them into a third-party program. When the mobile phone uses WPS to browse documents, if the user’s computer is also on, there will be a bubble prompt. The user can choose to use the computer relay operation. The computer will automatically locate the previous browsing position of the mobile phone. After the document is edited, it will also synchronously save and return the latest document version to the mobile phone. < / P > < p > in addition, miui12.5 has released a new function of Xiaomi notes, which comprehensively upgrades the thinking notes, graffiti, global shorthand, excerpts, typesetting, etc. Thinking notes is a highlight function in miui12.5, which is more suitable for the organization and induction of “structured information” to connect business and office people. Global shorthand is also an office tool created by miui12.5 for business people. In any interface of the mobile phone, you can quickly call out the global shorthand panel through the side. It supports creating, viewing notes and to-do, and supports the function of extract to help users quickly collect links, text and picture notes. < / P > < p > the release of Xiaomi’s first cross-border product MIUI + breaks the gap between Android and windows from the bottom of the system, and realizes cross platform and cross system efficient operation. This relay of ecological integration between multiple devices greatly improves the efficiency of collaborative office between mobile phones and computers. New functions of MIUI + and Xiaomi notes jointly create an excellent business office experience. < / P > < p > miui12.5 continues to increase investment in security and privacy, leading the industry and providing users with more thorough right to know and management. Miui12.5 adds four new functions: smart clipboard privacy protection, file sandbox mechanism, web browsing privacy protection and location information privacy protection. It defends users’ data rights with the world’s most stringent privacy standards, and even surpasses the world’s leading IOS in some aspects. < UIP > < 12.5. Previously, the application could read all the contents in the clipboard by default, and all the contents in the clipboard would be read whether the application needed them or not. Miui12.5 adds the function of clipboard privacy protection. First of all, the application needs to inform the user clearly when it obtains the clipboard data. In addition, the user has the right to decide whether to give the application the right to read the clipboard, which is more thorough than the privacy protection of ios14. < / P > < p > miui12.5 also adds a powerful file sandbox mechanism, which is the first mobile phone operating system to implement this technology in the Android field. File sandbox mechanism is a privacy protection mechanism based on application authorization “read write mobile storage”. When the app requests “read and write mobile storage” permission, users can choose to grant and close “photo album” and “social application file” at the same time to further protect the user’s sensitive privacy data. < / P > < p > the new miui12.5 adds web browsing privacy protection. Through the further judgment of the user’s operation behavior, as well as the analysis and judgment of multiple dimensions of the web page by the client, the system finally realizes whether to reset the web page or trigger the download pop-up. When users browse the web, there will be no more suspected automatic download behavior. In addition, miui12.5’s browser also adds an anti tracking module to cut off the path for the tracker to obtain user information from the root, so as to prevent the user’s privacy leakage. < / P > < p > miui12.5 adds location information privacy protection. The new system will add the function of fuzzy location customization. For the app that does not need accurate location information, users can choose to give the application fuzzy location, which can effectively avoid the abuse of user’s location information. < / P > < p > the release of the security and privacy protection function of miui12 shocked the industry, and Xiaomi also participated in the drafting and construction of 19 industry standards of relevant national ministries and commissions. Among them, the function of miui12 flare is recognized by the state and will be listed in the mobile phone network access standard. All mobile phones entering the network need to have their own “application behavior record” query function. Miui12.5 further increases investment on the basis of miui12, and never compromises on the protection of users’ privacy data. Xiaomi mobile phone has ended the era of China’s shanzhaiji, and now miui12.5 vows to end the era of android app’s abusive access to users’ privacy. < / P > < p > Xiaomi MIUI is the first mobile phone system brand in the world to realize the perfect connection between information screen, lock screen and system desktop. Up to now, miui12 has brought super Wallpaper of Mars, earth and Saturn to users. This time, miui12.5 not only added two new landing points of the earth, namely, Italy’s Dolomiti blade mountain and Greece’s zakinsos Island shipwreck Bay, but also brought the crystallization of technology and Aesthetics – Snow Mountain super wallpaper. < / P > < p > the snow mountain super wallpaper is based on the beautiful and spectacular natural landscape of the main peak of Siguniang mountain in Sichuan, showing a day of the main peak of Siguniang mountain. Real time rendering of 24 hours of light, shadow and cloud changes. Users can see the different beauty of Siguniang mountain every time they unlock it, which greatly improves the real-time rendering effect and realizes the real feeling of alternating day and night. < / P > < p > Super wallpaper is a new concept put forward by Xiaomi in the mobile phone intelligent operating system industry, which breaks through the restriction of space on imagination and brings space aesthetics to the extreme. The emergence of new interactive mode of super wallpaper has become the benchmark of mobile phone operating system. In the future, Xiaomi will increase its technological exploration and breakthrough to bring more shocking interactive experience to rice noodles. < / P > < p > the new miui12.5 has made a major upgrade in the application basic experience, and comprehensively optimized the memory, performance, power consumption and other aspects of the application. By rewriting the system UI, the memory of the core scene is reduced by 20%. Among them, the average consumption of system application background memory is reduced by 32%; the average power consumption of system application is reduced by 17%; the average power consumption of super wallpaper is reduced by 40%. Miui12.5 makes the mobile phone system lighter, faster and more power-saving. < / P > < p > miui12.5 realizes “system application can be fully unloaded”. By unloading and minimizing the hiding of system applications, the number of desktop icon apps that can’t be unloaded is more pure than that of IOS. There are only nine specific applications that can not be unloaded, including mobile phone housekeeper, camera, photo album, compass, settings, app store, browser, SMS and dial-up. < / P > < p > in miui12, Xiaomi’s self-developed light cone dynamic effect architecture has laid a top-level technical foundation, and the miui12.5 light cone architecture has gone to a higher level, including gesture turbo, computing power upgrade and model classification. Miui12.5 light cone dynamic engine adopts multi thread rendering, which is the exclusive technology in Android field. The multi-level rendering method is used in full screen gesture, which separates the rendering of gesture layer from other rendering, and puts it into independent thread to run, ensuring that gesture animation can still run smoothly in the case of resource shortage. < / P > < p > miui12.5 optical cone dynamic architecture needs powerful mobile phone hardware support. MIUI system is using its own unique way to push back the upgrade of mobile phone hardware. < / P > < p > in addition to the optimization and upgrade of the system dynamic effect, miui12.5 has launched the dual channel vector engine for the first time to create the sound effect of the stereo system. For this reason, Xiaomi MIUI established a biological research expert group to conduct species investigation and sampling, and specially collected 125 kinds of endangered species’ voices. Through the screening and purification of natural elements and repeated polishing, it brought a brand-new miui12.5 natural notification sound, realizing the real experience of hearing all things and the presence of sound. < / P > < p > in terms of the number of model upgrades and adaptation speed, MIUI has always been the conscience of the industry. With the end of the press conference, the internal test of miui12.5 also started synchronously. MIUI still adheres to the principle of upgrading as many models as possible, so that more people can experience the fun brought by technology. < / P > < p > according to the press conference, the internal test of miui12.5 was launched on the same day, and the first batch of development versions will be fully tested in mid January. The specific upgrade plan can follow the official information of MIUI or go to Xiaomi community to learn. < / P > < p > the release of miui12.5 is not only a perfect visual design, vivid animation effect and convenient interactive experience. As an industry leader, miui12.5 also brings the first business office product MIUI + and the world’s most stringent security and privacy protection mechanism. Industry insiders said that the emergence of MIUI + once again confirmed Xiaomi’s determination to enter the high-end business field. The whole year of 2020 is a year of harvest for Xiaomi. The sales volume of mobile phones has ranked the top three in the world, and the market value has reached 100 billion US dollars, which is inseparable from the escort of the ultimate operation experience of MIUI. Miui12.5 is the perfect ending for the miui12 series. Older posts →